How good it is to remember that there are things that, without great elaboration, are absolutely delicious! Our friend Míriam, well known for her blog El invitado de invierno , knows this very well. Today he tells us how he enjoys some prawns made with the Le Creuset iron skillet (everything made on iron tastes even better, right?), and he accompanies it with a homemade aioli that you'll want to finish off by dipping bread.

A good shellfish with a minimum of preparation is one of the best formulas that Mediterranean cuisine can offer. If the raw material is of quality, it does not need a great preparation and a plate of grilled prawns will be as good as the prawns are.

So, if we find some quality prawns and make a homemade aioli, the result can be overwhelming. And the only difficulty, if you can call it that, is presented by the aioli. No, I didn't settle on the chermoula marinade that they suggest in the Le Creuset cookbook . Because aioli is addictive, you know, and it's been a while since I did it. Because I know myself and I eat it in one sitting. But let it be this time.

I have to admit that I am incapable of making an aioli without eggs, just with garlic and oil, and believe me I have tried, so I give the formula with one yolk. Don't be hard on me, I'm from the plateau. But you are free to make the aioli pure and fetén. For the way to make the grilled prawns I have followed the wise advice of my friend Ma Ángeles, from Secocina. Let's go there.


500g of prawns,

salt flakes,

a splash of good olive oil,

1 yolk,

2 garlic cloves,

300 ml of soft olive oil.


First we will make the aioli. Peel the garlic and cut it into regular pieces. We put them in a mortar and mash them well, with some salt.

Add the yolk in the mortar itself and mix. Let's go out a little more. We begin to add the oil, little by little and beating well (I do it by hand with a fork, without more). So until we have finished the oil. Towards the end of the shake you can add the oil more quickly, but at the beginning you have to be cautious. We rectify the seasoning, if necessary. Cover and keep in the fridge.

The elaboration of the prawns could not be easier. Heat the griddle over medium heat, brush it with oil and add a good handful of salt flakes. When they sizzle, we place the prawns, which we will do for a short time, just enough until they change color on both sides.

We serve immediately, warm and accompanied by the aioli. Enjoy.


Adrià said:

Hola :) estupendo el plato y ha sido la primera vez que hago alioli y quedó perfecto, gracias por compartir la receta

Claudia&Julia said:

Hola Carmen, Puedes usarla tranquilamente para hacer carne, pescado o marisco. Una vez limpia verás que no queda ningún olor.

Maria Dolors said:

Una recepta estupenda ,pero amb un petit matiz,per el all i oli no si posa ou ,perque es lligui si posa una mica de suc de llimona.

carmen said:

Buenos dias! Espectacular la pinta de la receta. Pero… me acabo de comprar una plancha exactamente igual que la de la foto. De momento la utilizo para carne y verdura. Cómo puedo hacer en la misma plancha marisco o pescado sin que deje olor? No me atrevo…

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