Surely many of you have entered Noelia's blog. You will know her by her nickname or blog name: " La Cucharina Mágica ". It's already sounding like you, right?

I love entering her blog, and entering it is entering a world that seems like a fantasy: her stories take you with her to parts of the world, to the countries and cities where she travels, and to those she always brings some recipe that ends up being a delicious combination of ingredients prepared and presented so that your mouth waters and your eyes open before some delicious photos.

You must already want to visit it, I imagine! Well, wait: before I tell you that this time the recipe does not come from far away, it comes from Portugal, where it is a tradition to prepare Pastéis de Belém. Noelia tells you on her blog ( here ) how to make them, and prepares them using the much-appreciated Skillet pan from Le Creuset .

Enjoy your trip to Portugal!

Claudia Ferrer


mama papillon said:

Que pinta! Todo tan rico como siempre, como todo lo que hace Noelia.
Teneis cosas muy chulas en la tienda!!! :)
Un saludo, Iris.

La Cucharina Mágica said:

Claudia muchas gracias por tus palabras, me has emocionado!
Un verdadero placer cocinar con tus joyas
Un fuerte abrazo

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