Raquel, author of Los Tragaldabas , had a crush on De Buyer's French Collection frying pan (the classic iron pan with a special handle). Although she fell in love with that pretty pan, I have fallen in love with the recipe that she brings us today: easy to prepare and ideal for good weather, with these clams in sauce you will surely succeed!

Clams in sauce is a very Mediterranean dish, there are many ways to cook them and different sauces to accompany them. Seafood style clams, clams in green sauce, clams with wine, the occasional stew with them….All of them delicious!!!

These mollusks, known as bivalves, live under the sand and feed by filtering small amounts of water during the tides. It is for this reason that many times we can find that unpleasant sensation of chewing sand when eating them. To avoid this, they recommend that you keep the clams in a bowl with water and salt an hour before cooking them so that they expel the sand from inside if they contain it. You can also apply a splash of vinegar to the water instead of the salt. These tricks will help you to make a homemade filter of our mollusks.

The recipe that I bring you today is a simple and very affordable recipe. Perfect for any moment, both for an aperitif, as a starter or for a romantic dinner. And I say romantic because if you also present it in a pan like this, your partner will surely take the hint. With a typically French design, we can now also enjoy this large frying pan in its limited "French Collection" edition. Its handle recreates the Eiffel Tower in cast stainless steel, to transport us to the city of light every time we use this "Made in France" frying pan. And if you still don't know this city, what better way to tell your partner “let's live a romantic weekend in Paris”.

Cooking with De Buyer frying pans is synonymous with healthy cooking. Made with natural iron, without coatings, in them we can cook any type of food from meat, vegetables, eggs and they are suitable for any heat source. If you want to know a little more about these pans and their care, I recommend that you visit this article .

And now we go with the recipe Ahhh, a piece of advice: don't forget to buy bread to dip in its rich sauce!


1kg of clams
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh parsley
extra virgin olive oil
150ml of white wine

preparation of the recipe

1. We put the clams in salted water an hour before making them. After this time, we wash very well under the tap and reserve.
2. Finely chop the onion and garlic.
3. We put the olive oil in the pan, covering the base of it and heat over medium-low heat.
4. Once the oil is hot, fry the onion and garlic until golden brown without burning them.
5. Add the cherry tomatoes that we have previously cut in half. With the help of a wooden spatula or a silicone spatula, we crush some of them to release their juice. If you want you can add in this step a tablespoon of homemade fried tomato sauce. We remove for a few minutes.
6. Add the wine and let the alcohol evaporate.
7. Add the clams, salt, chopped parsley and mix everything, wait for the clams to open and the sauce to reduce a bit (if any clams remain unopened, remove them). To make the process easier, you can cover the pan with a lid .


Blanca said:

Que buena pinta! Podrías decirme que vino habéis usado?

Diego said:


Tenía entendido que sartenes de hierro no era aconsejable cocinar con vinagres, ácidos como el tomate, etc. ¿Se pueden emplear sin problemas?

Jose M said:

Buenísima receta; yo le echo también media cucharadita de pimentón que le da un sabor y color estupendos.

Claudia said:

Ostras Javier, y cuánto daño!! Muchas gracias, corregido queda! :)

Isabella said:

Ains!! no sé si me gusta más la receta, las fotos o la sartén, bueno creo que todo jeje, pero de la sartén me acabo de enamorar, ha sido amor a primera vista ^^ me voy a verla.
Gracias por esta rica receta.

Javier said:

Estupenda la descripción,pero hace daño a la vista!!!!

“tubo” un flechazo con la sartén French Collection de De Buyer

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