Chimichurri is a traditional Argentine sauce that is ideal to accompany meats. Its preparation is very simple and we can personalize it with the spices that we like the most. I always recommend letting it rest for a couple of days before using it, since this way its flavor will be more accentuated and the result will be even tastier. Of course, if you haven't had the foresight to make it in advance, you can prepare it at the moment.

To cook the meat I use my cast iron pans and griddles , which are ideal for these types of short cooking that are done at high temperatures.

To make the meat, I recommend that you heat the pan to medium-low temperature and, when it is hot, increase the temperature until you get the perfect point. Then, you add a splash of oil and cook the meat to your liking. Always add salt last and preferably in flakes.

To accompany the entrecôtes, I have opted for some simple fried peppers. I have chosen them in various colors to make the dish more attractive and the procedure has been the same as for making the meat: heat the pan, in this case a skillet , pour a generous splash of oil, cook the peppers for a few minutes and sprinkle a few salt flakes before serving.

Ingredients for 4 people):

4 beef entrecotes

2 cloves of garlic

10 black peppercorns

a tablespoon of oregano

a few sprigs of parsley

1 bay leaf

1 cayenne chilli (or more, according to your taste)

150 g mild olive oil

30 g sherry vinegar



1. Chop the bay leaf very small with the help of a knife.

2. In a mortar , mash the garlic cloves, a pinch of salt, black pepper, parsley and cayenne. When we have obtained a paste, add the oregano, chopped bay leaf, oil and vinegar and mix well. We reserve.

3. We heat an iron skillet . Better to do it first over medium heat and then increase the heat. We make the entrecotes to our liking. Once off the griddle, sprinkle with a few flakes of salt.

4. While the entrecôtes are being made, we can fry the peppers. To do this, heat a skillet pan over medium heat. Once hot, increase the heat and add the peppers. Keep stirring so that they are done evenly. In about 5 minutes you will have them ready. At the end, sprinkle a few flakes of salt.

5. We serve immediately with the chimichurri entrecôte and peppers.

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