Arroz a banda con salmorreta is a typical coastal rice preparation from the province of Alicante. This traditional ñora-based stir-fry is the true protagonist, since it not only gives it its characteristic reddish color, but also an incredible and unmistakable flavor of our region. In addition, due to its simplicity, it is perfect to start in the world of rice in a quick cooker.

In the past, it was a very simple fishermen's rice, in which only a very cheap fish broth made with trash was used. From this very simple dish, two were made: broth stew with fish and the rice itself. Unlike the arròs del senyoret , this one was eaten without any type of fish. Currently, arroz a banda is usually served with some peeled and chopped fish or shellfish in the same paella pan.

In this recipe that I bring you today, I wanted to combine the tradition and simplicity of these Alicante rice dishes, but adapted to these times in which we walk, many times, without time for anything. For this, I have used the 28 cm Kuhn Rikon Hotel pressure cooker , which due to its larger diameter and low height, is ideal for this kind of rice. In this type of pressure cooker so fast, in just 6 minutes, I have obtained a delicious and perfectly cooked arroz a banda. To conclude, and as tradition dictates, I suggest you accompany this rice with a homemade aioli.

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Banda rice ingredients:

  • 220 g of Albufera or Bomba rice
  • 330 ml of fish broth
  • 80 g of clean squid
  • 80 g of peeled prawns
  • 100 g of monkfish in cubes
  • 3 tablespoons of salmorreta (*)
  • 7 strands of saffron
  • 1 tablespoon sweet paprika
  • 2 tablespoons fried tomato
  • A pinch of salt flakes
  • extra virgin olive oil

Ingredients for the Alicante Salmorreta:

  • 3 clean hours
  • 6 garlic cloves, peeled and without inner germ
  • 150g crushed ripe cherry tomatoes
  • 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of salt flakes
  • A few sprigs of fresh parsley

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Hotel Pressure Cooker , Organic Collection Stoneware Bowl and Organic Collection Stoneware Dinner Plate


  1. Salmorreta: in a pan with oil over a low heat, add the cleaned and chopped ñoras; Add the garlic cloves without the germ and cook until lightly golden. Add the parsley, salt and crushed cherry tomatoes. Let cook for about 6 minutes. We remove and grind everything until we get a homogeneous mix. Reserve.
  2. We cut both monkfish and squid of a similar size. In this case, since my prawns are tiny, I leave them as they are.
  3. Put the Kuhn Rikon pot over medium heat with olive oil and once hot add the squid until it starts to brown. Add the prawns and monkfish cubes and cook over low heat while adding the saffron threads, sweet paprika and salt. Stir and add 3 tablespoons of salmorreta.
  4. Next, we add the rice and stir until integrated. Add the fried tomato and mix again. We let cook 1 minute.
  5. With the fish broth very hot, we raise the heat of the pot and add the 330 ml of broth, stir and close the Kuhn Rikon pot. Let it cook over high heat until the 1st pressure ring rises, just at that moment, lower the heat to a minimum and let it cook for 6 minutes, checking that it always continues on the 1st pressure ring. After the indicated time (6 minutes), remove from the heat and let all the pressure escape. Once without pressure, we open the pot and let the rice rest for a few minutes with a cloth on top.
  6. Finally, and completely optional, you can accompany this rice with a little homemade aioli. If you have never tried it, I invite you to try this pairing so typical of my area. Of course, if you go for the aioli, make it the traditional recipe of garlic, EVOO and salt (no eggs, eh!).

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Hotel Pressure Cooker


  • The leftover salmorreta can be frozen in cubes, so every time you need it for rice you will have it ready in portions. The normal thing is to use a tablespoon of salmorreta per person.
Author of the recipe: Mercedes de Merceditas Bakery


Jose said:

La banda es un plato aparte hecho con la patata y la cebolla cocida del caldo de pescado, y se coloca en una bandeja con una capa de lonchas de patata sobre ella una capa de cebolla a lonchas , all i oli , sobre el carné del pescado desmenuzado y unas gambitas , más all i oli y vuelta a repetir las mismas capas de patata cebolla desmenuzadlo de pescado gambas y de nuevo all i oli , al frigo que quede fresquita y se toma intercalando cucharadas de paella caliente con cucharada de la banda fresquita

Lucia said:

Hola !! Las ñoras hay que limpiarlas e hidratarlas antes de hacerlas en el sofrito!??

Lucia said:

Hola !! Las ñoras hay que limpiarlas e hidratarlas antes de hacerlas en el sofrito!??

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