We have reached the end of the year, and we cannot stop doing our usual summary of the year.

This 2020 has undoubtedly been a year marked by adaptation in many moments and confusion in so many others. In the store we have not stopped doing things, and I think that if I look back what most comes to mind and I want to highlight from this 2020 that has ended is:

  • We have launched a Claudia&Julia textile range that makes us especially excited, because it was an illusion that we had with Jordi from a long time ago come true.
  • We have made a cookbook that is in every bookstore in the country, a dream that I would have never imagined could be true. This is Cocina en Olla Exprés , under the Cupula publishing house.
  • In networks we have not stopped growing, and we have reached the symbolic figure of 50,000 followers on Instagram and more than 8,000 on YouTube .
  • On Facebook everything is illusions, especially our cooking group Cocinar Con Claudia&Julia, where we are already 12,000 members.
  • Sergi has left us to discover new projects. We lack words of thanks for their know-how and dedication all this time with us (since the beginning of Claudia&Julia). Infinite thanks, Sergio!
  • There are other new faces in the office who are learning fast and are very supportive. Welcome Sandra, a second Jordi, Maria, Laura and Male!
  • Ainoa is still as efficient as ever; Pere -who helps us understand some numbers, although it will never be our thing- has increased his dedication to the project; and we are happy that Bea is pregnant.
  • A mention cannot be missing from Meritxell, who helps me on social networks and is patient enough to compensate for my lack of time.
  • We are growing a lot and turning the Cookexpertas project, with Mónica Prego behind it (Thanks for your efforts too, Mónica!).
  • We have incorporated hundreds of new references.
  • Our thanks also to all our collaborators in the warehouse . It has been a really complicated year due to all the limitations and obligations of the coroanvirus, while the increase in references and the special weeks throughout the year have made management very complicated. But once again they have turned to serving all orders day by day and they could not have gotten a better grade in all of it.
  • The blog posts and beautiful store photos continue to be the work of our external collaborators, bloggers, photographers and culinary professionals who turn a written recipe into a wonderful dish that we can't wait to make at home.
  • It is the year that we have done the most VIP Weeks and FlashSales in the history of Claudia&Julia, bringing a lot of the most special offers from a lot of brands. We cannot be more grateful for the support we are receiving from all of them! We take this opportunity to thank Le Creuset, WMF, De Buyer, KitchenAid, Emile Henry and all the other brands in our catalog for the support they give us to make all our ideas and dreams come true.

Top 10 recipes of the year!

top 10 recipes

    Yes, there are recipes that you have always liked a lot, but we have published some recipes this year that have superseded others that were traditionally very visited on the blog. So I leave you with the Top 10 recipes of 2020:

      I encourage you to try these recipes, the truth is that I have made them at home and they are a guaranteed success. So go for it, and let's eat 2021!

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