Cherries time has come! Blessed be, because they are one of the fruits that I enjoy the most. I love that they are part of the pica-pica -to refresh and quell hunger while waiting for the food to be ready-, at snack time, tell the kids to watch with the bone and see how they enjoy trying to take advantage of the juicy part to the fullest and, of course, how I love to make jams and cakes, with them!

Many of us are the ones who take advantage of them at their best and use them for various creations. The recipe that I wanted to show you today is the one that Rosa, from Pemberley Cup & Cakes , has prepared: a delicious and colorful cherry cobbler that will leave your guests speechless. You can see the recipe here .

To prepare it, he has used the skillet pan , which is fabulous for the recipe because it can be baked in the same pan, without the need to transfer it to another tray, since the Le Creuset Skillet pan is entirely made of iron, they do not have any part of wood or plastic that prevents it from being placed at high temperatures.

If you dare to prepare the recipe, you may be interested to know that to pit the cherries it is a fable to use a stoner . I use the one from Oxo , which avoids a lot of splashing, but the others that we have in the store are also very good, and all of them are also useful for pitting olives.


Raquel said:

Se ve deliciosa esa cobbler no tengo escusa para no hacerla ya tengo el deshuesador en casa gracias por el servicio y la rapidez estoy encantada, deseando estoy de hacer recetas con cerezas y publicarlas en mi blog, Mi Diversión en la cocina.

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