I discovered this recipe for yogurt cheese balls in extra virgin olive oil a long time ago and I really wanted to share it with you. You have to be organized and patient when preparing them, because the yogurt has to drain on its own and the thing takes between two and three days. But apart from this trifle, preparing this cool and tasty appetizer is a matter of sewing and singing. Also, once ready, the yogurt cheese balls last up to three weeks in the fridge in perfect magazine condition. That is if you do not realize them before. It all depends on how fond of this type of snack you are.

Get some good bread, the real thing, slice it, toast it and serve with it these yogurt cheese balls in extra virgin olive oil. You will see what a cutie. We love accompanying them with other tapas and portions, because pecking loses us. However, they can also be used to solve an informal summer dinner with a good salad of green leaves or, simply, some tomatoes seasoned next to it. Do not skimp on the quality of the oil, because you already know that when it comes to simple recipes it is important to take care of these details so that the result is optimal.

Luigi Bormioli airtight glass jars , Laura Ashley porcelain plates and Laura Ashley tea towels

Ingredients (for 30 units)

  • 750g of Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons chilli
  • 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • 8 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil

Kitchen Craft ceramic mold , Laura Ashley porcelain plates , Gefu draining and pressing mesh and Pallarès carbon steel knife


  1. Before starting to prepare this recipe, it is important to prepare a drain and press mesh , so the first thing we have to do is boil it in a saucepan with plenty of water for 10 minutes. With this we sterilize it and make sure to keep our distance from possible bacteria and other microorganisms. Drain the mesh carefully so as not to burn ourselves and spread it out on a wooden board to avoid messing the work area too much.
  2. In a deep bowl , mix the Greek yogurt with the salt and stir thoroughly until well incorporated. Pour the seasoned Greek yogurt in the center of the mesh, pick up the sides and tie with twine or another type of cord.
  3. We hang this kind of bundle in the fridge and let the yogurt drain for 2-3 days or until it no longer drips. We place a deep container below to collect all the whey, which we can use to make biscuits, cookies, breads and other preparations.
  4. Once the yogurt is dry, before removing it from the fridge, we prepare the seasoning. To do this, chop the chillies and rosemary leaves and mix them with the thyme leaves, which do not need to be chopped. If we like it very spicy, we leave the chilli seeds in the mixture, otherwise we remove them and discard them.
  5. On the other hand, we wash a couple of hermetic glass jars well and fill their bases with extra virgin olive oil. With very clean hands we take small portions of the yogurt and round. We deposit in the jars, sprinkling each layer with a little of the chili pepper, rosemary and thyme seasoning.
  6. When we have completely filled the jars, cover with extra virgin olive oil, close and store in the fridge until serving time. The more time elapses, the tastier the yogurt cheese balls will be as they will gradually absorb the aromas and nuances of the herbs and chilli.

Luigi Bormioli airtight glass jars , Gefu draining and pressing mesh and Laura Ashley kitchen towels

Author of the recipe: Carmen de Tia Alia

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