I cannot deny the illusion that every day there are more people who are encouraged to try the products of our pantry section. It is not easy to explain why, but imagine that there is an ingredient that is special to you and that you use in your kitchen, and that, one day, you tell a friend about it. Another day, without expecting it, he comes to you and says "By the way, that ingredient you told me about, I saw it in a store and tried it, I loved it!". Can you imagine how happy that comment makes you? Something similar is what I feel every day that we receive the opinions of the Pantry products. Many are products that I have a special affection for, products that help me in my kitchen from day to day or on special occasions, and seeing that they are enjoyed as much as I do makes my heart happy.

I have spoken on other occasions about the Pantry. You will know that there are so many products that will get you out of trouble the day you have an unexpected meal, as well as help you give a different touch to a daily dish but without major complications. But we have expanded the section with several product ranges and I wanted to share it.

The first ones I want to mention are the La Tourangelle oils . The success is so resounding that we have ended up incorporating practically his entire collection. These are oils that are different from the usual ones in our kitchens, and that have been made following traditional methods for 150 years. What kind of oil is so special? I am talking about nut oils, such as hazelnut, walnut, almond or pistachio: delicious oils, coming from very high-quality fruits and from which a 100% natural and healthy oil is obtained, very rich in Omega 3, antioxidants and essential vitamins. These oils are ideal both for dressing a green or pasta salad and for preparing grilled or baked meat and fish, while they also serve to enhance the flavor of cookies and biscuits, giving them a touch that is as delicate as it is delicious.

tourongelle oils

I would say that the nut oils are the oils that have been tested the most, but I would also like to introduce the special Thai oil , which is phenomenal when you cook vegetables in the wok or on the grill, or dress salads; and also the oil for pizza , with that spicy touch that so many of you enjoy. And I can't stop mentioning sesame oil : maybe it's the least familiar oil here, but its applications are diverse and you'll love it. It is an oil that has been traditionally used in Asian cooking: in Chinese and Korean cooking, it is the oil that is added to culminate the flavor in dishes after cooking; o In Japanese cooking, 10% sesame oil is often added to the oil they use for tempura or frying, to create a full, rich flavor. It is also used to make a stir-fry, in salads or in meat and fish. Wherever you use it, it is healthy, soft and special.

Moving away from oils a bit, I also wanted to talk about the latest addition to the Pantry: the range of Olasagasti products. Although it is a brand known for the quality of its canned fish (some of which you can find in the pantry), I would like to highlight the quality of a range that I love and to which they have given a clear and fun name: " Open and gobble up ." That's right - you can open the container and eat it, without further ado! You will enjoy the tuna loin with ratatouille, Sicilian style or tuna with piperrada. You can serve all of them as is, or as an accompaniment, for example, to grilled fish; but I encourage you to mix them with pasta or rice: it will result in an easy and very tasty salad.

Open and Gobble by Olasagasti

In the same range you will also find Donostiarra-style anchovies, prepared in the traditional way fried with garlic, ideal for serving as an aperitif... Or to prepare a delicious and energetic sandwich!

Finally, I also wanted to tell you about some small delicacies that you will love when preparing appetizers: for the most daring palates looking for intense flavors, I recommend the new black olive cream or the pepper cream; Since cheeses cannot be missing from an aperitif, but they can vary in texture, I invite you to try the mousses with various cheeses or the parmigiano cream with truffle; and to give a touch of sea flavor, some toast with Cantabrian cream will make you fall in love - tuna loin cream and anchovies, a real joy! And to accompany meat and fish, you can surprise with the special mustards that Edmond Fallot offers us: wine mustard and honey mustard .

Olasagasti olive cream , Parmigiano and Tartuflanghe truffle cream , Olasagasti tuna and anchovy cream and special Edmond Fallot mustards

Making that dish that is cooked daily something special can be very simple. It is enough to change the dressing, give it a touch of different flavor or accompany it with something different. I encourage you to gossip in our Pantry , and I hope that those opinions that you are sending us continue to be just as good and surprising.

Claudia Ferrer

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