The seafood salpicón is a really successful recipe: it is both a delicious starter and a light first course with which you will be wonderfully well. Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour , brings us her tips to prepare it, you'll love it!

The dish that I bring you today, the seafood salpicón recipe , is a staple on my New Year's Eve dinner table, because at this point in the movie, we are a bit saturated with great dishes and sweets and we need, especially that night, something light and fresh, that allows us to continue the party beyond the grapes.

The seafood salad has in its favor that we can have it prepared in advance and it opens the dinner in an elegant and light way. My trick, use it together with quality shellfish, in this case I have opted for crabs, prawns, and some octopus legs, a flavored fish such as monkfish, which enhances the flavor of the sea. And of course you should not miss a quality oil and vinegar, which will round off the dish, because we must not forget that they are eaten raw.

seafood salad

Mini-cocotte Le Creuset and Green Cosmos bowls and plates from Tokyo Design

When I prepare the salpicon for summer meals, I like to add a boiled egg, and sometimes even replace the classic vinaigrette with a light mayonnaise-type sauce. This is not the case for New Year's Eve dinner, where seafood should shine in all its splendor.

Ingredients (for 4-6 people)

*You can replace the fresh monkfish with frozen monkfish if you are out of price at this time, or with fresh scorpion fish or hake, which today is quite reasonable.

seafood salpicon recipe

Le Creuset Damascus steel kitchen knife , Master Class round board and Le Creuset mini-cocottes


  1. We remove the skin to the bone, if our fishmonger has not done it. Cut the tail of the monkfish into thick slices about 3 cm thick and cook it in boiling salted water for 4 to 5 minutes after it has resumed boiling. We reserve while it warms up.
  2. We cook the crabs. To cook them and so that they do not burst during cooking, we must introduce them into cold water with salt and count about 7 minutes from when it starts to boil. Once cooked, reserve while they warm up.
  3. Cook the prawns for 2 or 3 minutes from when it starts to boil, in salted water. We booked.
  4. Chop the octopus legs with scissors into bite-sized squares. We booked.
  5. Chop the peppers and spring onion in brunoise, either with a mandolin or with a good knife. We booked.
  6. Prepare the vinaigrette, mixing the vinegar, oil, salt and pepper in a jar. Cover and shake to emulsify. Add the lime zest , which will give it a fresh touch.
  7. We assemble the salpicón in a bowl , mixing the vegetables, the shredded monkfish, the crab meat, the octopus and the prawns cut into two or three pieces.
  8. Add the vinaigrette and mix well. Let it rest for a few hours, so that the flavors settle.
  9. We serve the salpicon in our mini Le Creuset cocottes , sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley and decorated with a prawn tail.

Ready to open New Year's Eve dinner.



Daniel said:

Claudia said:

Estuepndo, Carmen! Pues sí, a ver qué tal sale pero verás que no tiene complicación y el resultado es de 10! Un saludo!

Carmen de Cangas Arias said:

En cuanto la prepare os digo como me quedó. Estoy deseándolo porque tiene una pinta buenísima. Yo haré la vinagreta con mi Thermomix y lo demás siguiendo tus indicaciones. ¡¡Muchas gracias por vuestras recetas que me llegan todos los días y son para mi una fuente inagotable de ideas!!

Claudia said:

Muchas gracias, Mony! Virginia siempre nos saca una sonrisa con sus deliciosas recetas y fotos verdad? :) Un saludo!

Claudia said:

Muchas gracias, Mony! Virginia siempre nos saca una sonrisa con sus deliciosas recetas y fotos verdad? :) Un saludo!

Mony said:

Tiene una pinta estupenda :)

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