Today Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , brings us a very popular recipe, a fideuá . It gives it a more personal touch by including a variety of mushrooms among the ingredients, and you only need to see the result to conclude that it is worth trying to make it at home. I invite you to try!

I like to prepare fideuá because it is faster than paella and it is a perfect substitute for it for those Sundays when many of us gather around the table and want a unique dish that everyone likes.
I have based this recipe on the Gandia fideuà, where it is the star dish. The story is very curious:
"Gabrielo" was a cook on the boat and "Zabalo" was his assistant. According to the family of Gabrielo, a native of Gandía, the skipper was very fond of rice and the rest of the sailors almost never received their ration of arroz a banda, the dish they usually ate. To solve it, the cook thought of changing the rice for the noodles to see if the boss liked it less.

Some people think that it is easier to make fideu á than paella, but I am not so clear about it. The cooking of the pasta is shorter and you have to control the quantities very well, the intensity of the heat, the type of pasta (there are various numbers and thicknesses) and that the noodle is al dente.

In this case, I have added small mushrooms because they are phenomenal and give it a different touch, and I have used Buyer's carbone plus iron paella pan .
The 28cm one that is ideal for two people and beautiful to bring to the table; I also usually prepare a little special stews with seafood in it, which are not very liked by children and which my husband and I eat hand in hand.
I love it for its aesthetics and for how it responds in the kitchen, maintaining and concentrating the heat. It makes you have the sensation of cooking with fire even if you are using it on the ceramic hob.

Ingredients for two people (for more double or triple ingredients)

  • 180 g of fish stock
  • 90 g of noodles for fideuá (nº 3, or curly)
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 10/12 prawns
  • a bit of cuttlefish
  • small assorted mushrooms
  • EVOO
  • Peppers
  • Salt


In the paellera we put a jet of oil and fry the finely chopped garlic. Add the heads of the prawns and crush them so that they extract all their juice.

We remove and discard them, and on that stained oil we cook the prawns for a very short time. We reserve them and in the same oil we put the cuttlefish in very small pieces and the mushrooms. You don't have to wash them, just wipe them so they don't release water.

We fry them for about ten minutes, salt at the end and add the noodles. We toast them for a few minutes before adding the broth. Let's pour this one, rectify salt and prove the point. We leave about 7/8 minutes; at the end there should be no broth.
The prawns are added almost at the end of cooking to make them tender.

This fideuá with mushrooms and prawns is a simple and delicious dish, which with a little practice you will embroider!


CARMEN said:

nos encantan, la hacemos muy a menudo es un fideua especial

Eduard said:

Una receta muy apetecible, sobretodo para disfrutar en fin de semana.

Solo hay un punto de la receta en que lo haría de otros 2 modos con el fin de evitar que se nos pueda quemar el coral.

-Saltear las cabezas en una sartén más pequeña, machacar, recuperar los jugos y añadir casi al final de cocción como si de tratara de una picada.

-Saltear las cabezas, desglasar con vino blanco, mojar con fumet, cocer, colar y utilizar para cocer la fideuà. (Fumet de marisco).

Ya me contaréis.


Heleni said:

¡Tiene una pinta buenísima! ¿Qué marca de fideos usas/recomiendas? ¡Gracias!

Noemi said:

Me gusta la receta. ¿Cuándo se añadiría el pimentón?

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