Today Julio teaches us how to make an authentic Moorish tea , a most comforting sweet tea. Apart from comforting you by serving it hot, it is a very healthy drink (especially if we control the sweetness, as is the case in our recipe).

Moorish tea is a natural antioxidant that helps us take care of the skin and keep it hydrated, and it is also a diuretic drink, with all the advantages that this entails. I encourage you to enjoy a delicious Moorish tea first thing in the morning, you will see how good it feels for your body! (and if you give yourself the bonus of taking another after eating, the benefits are multiplied).

To prepare this tea, we use the new Vario WMF electric kettle , which I find most elegant and especially practical, since it has full temperature control, perfect for heating water and preparing infusions to taste.

Ingredients (for 3 cups of tea)

  • 400 ml of water (or about 180 ml per cup that we want to serve)
  • Green Tea
  • fresh mint
  • White sugar


  1. We remove the inner basket of the WMF kettle , and fill the kettle with about 400 ml of water.
  2. We close the kettle, and mark the 80ºC option. We will see that it starts up and the blue light appears.
  3. Meanwhile, we pour 3 spoons of green tea into the filter (or 1 spoon per cup that we want to serve).
  4. Once it reaches 80ºC, the machine will emit a beep. At that time, we put the filter inside and let it infuse for 2 minutes, leaving the keep warm function.
  5. We put 1 tablespoon of sugar in each cup that we are going to serve.
  6. After 2 minutes, we remove the filter with the green tea and put the mint in the kettle (that is, we add a good bunch of mint to the water infused with the green tea). We reserved about 2 minutes.
  7. After that time, we pour the tea into the cups, leaving a few centimeters of drop, so that it can oxygenate. Ready to drink!


The WMF Vario kettle is ideal for preparing this type of infusion because, on the one hand, it has an inner basket in which to insert the herbs and fruit peels that we want to infuse, but also has a second filter at the spout outlet , which ensures that we can comfortably serve the drink without traces of herbs or the like.


Claudia said:

Muchas gracias, Lia!! Feliz de que lo hayas disfrutado, un saludo!!

lia said:

el te es exquisito,vivo en Argentina y no tengo el hermoso hervidor,lo prepare en una tetera,su sabor es muy agradable,una sensacion de frescura increible,,como decimos nosotros “es lo mas” muchas gracias

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