Today we are talking about how to prepare a good fruit salad , because the phrase fruit salad may sound old, but... do you know why it has been in vogue for so many years? Well, because a well-made fruit salad is good, what the heck.

Summer is the queen season of fruit salad, not only because juicy and fresh fruit is the most desirable, but above all because we have delicious seasonal fruits at their point and at a good price, such as melon, watermelon, peaches, apricots and so on.

The fruit salad does not have to be the broom car of the refrigerator, collecting all those fruits that have had a better time, unless the very ripe fruits are a delicacy for you.

how to make fruit salad

Tips for an infallible fruit salad

Before suggesting several ideas for combinations for fruit salad, we give you some general advice to turn a mixture of fruits without rhyme or reason into a delicious fruit salad :

  1. Do not put an infinite variety of fruits - in general I consider that in fruit salad less is more, that is, it is better to use only 3 or 4 varieties, but that they go together very well, for example, all stone fruits. Have you come across people who choose some fruits and leave others in the bowl? If the fruits are at their point and well chosen, this will not happen to you.
  2. The cut matters - don't put huge chunks that won't fit in your mouth or make mincemeat that ruins the entire structure of the fruit and turns the fruit salad into a smoothie . And that the pieces of the different fruits are even if possible. Use a good sharp knife on a board that collects the juices (don't discard them, add them to the fruit salad!) or dicers that cut the fruit in no time and leave it perfect for adding to the fruit salad.
  3. If you use juice to add some liquid to the fruit salad, it better be freshly squeezed natural juice than a nectar or juice packed to the brim with sugar. With a good juicer it does not take more than five minutes to squeeze the fruit.
  4. Fruit salads for adults can be livened up with some alcohol to taste. Orange liqueurs go well, which are a classic in fruit salads, such as Cointreau and Triple Sec. A splash of Calvados with fruit salads that contain apple is very tasty, since it is a liqueur made from this fruit. But there are vicious people who even add whiskey, vodka or gin to the fruit salad.
  5. Be careful with some fruits that tend to get very soft or oxidize excessively once cut, such as bananas. If we want to add them we will do so at the last moment. It is true that the liquid from the fruit salad usually protects something from the air, but not enough.

how to make fruit salad

To make fruit salad, a very sharp knife especially for Opinel fruits and vegetables, a juice collector board , the Gefu cube cutter and a good and fast manual juicer or an electric one like the Juice Expert will be very useful.

Taking all the above issues into account, it is possible to make a fruit salad in good quantity in advance and consume it throughout a whole day or even (depending on the fruits and juices used) from one day to the next, but not beyond. I'm not going to say that the vitamins are spoiled, but the consistency and flavor are somewhat spoiled.
I find that adding honey or another mild natural sweetener like maple or agave syrup gives a fruit salad a very rich point. I prefer not to add too much sugar; If the fruits are of good quality and are at their ripe point, it is not usually necessary.

    Combination suggestions for Macedonia

    • Stone fruits only: peaches, apricots, plums and cherries.
    • Melon of various kinds with watermelon.
    • citrus with strawberries
    • Red fruits with grapes
    • citrus with pineapple
    • pineapple with kiwi
    • Red fruits such as raspberries, cherries and blackberries, with another more neutral fruit , such as apple or pear.

    Fruit salad is a possible option to convince those little ones who are not exactly fruit lovers to eat it, even if it is only in summer. The variety of colors can help this. They won't be able to resist a colorful fruit salad served in an attractive salad bowl or in cute individual bowls (you can also take advantage of the tureens ). We can even involve them in the preparation of the fruit salad with the utensils for little chefs that we have in the store.

    Present your fruit salad in a pretty salad bowl , in beautiful Le Creuset tureens , in individual Laura Ashley bowls , in mini-cocottes or in the new Le Creuset Japanese-style Kobe bowls , and ask your little one to help you prepare it with the Petit Chef kit .

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