As you well know, I am an unconditional fan of healthy cooking and every day I try to cook recipes that help take care of myself.

I love to cook on the grill or on the grill . In it I can brown meat, fish and all kinds of vegetables. It is a very healthy way of cooking food: since it does not require a very high amount of oil to brown, it is less caloric and better preserves the original nutrients. For example, grilled or grilled meat acquires a special flavor that only this type of cooking can give. Furthermore, in the case of vegetables, their texture, flavor and vitamin content is quite similar to that of raw.

Photograph: Le Creuset smooth grill

The best way to use a grill or griddle is to let it heat up gradually. In this way, the heat will be distributed over the surface and the intensity will be the same for all the food that we will place on it. What's more, I recommend you paint the food with a brush before cooking it to ensure that it doesn't stick and we will also subtract calories from the recipes. What better to cook with more flavor and less fat?

To clean the griddle or grill, it is better to let it cool, just as we do with the cocottes. We will clean it with a sponge with hot water and soap. If we see that some food has stuck to us, we will let it soften with hot water and then remove it easily.

When cleaning them, it is also important to take into account that, although the grill type is very attractive, flat grills are much easier to clean since we do not have to rub each of the grooves.

Photography: Le Creuset smooth grill

I cook with a Le Creuse grill and I have to confess that since I cook with it, the meat is tastier. I was blown away by the flavor when I tried a browned chicken breast on this grill! You can see in this video a small demonstration of its effectiveness. For me cooking on the grill has become a real pleasure that I really advise you to try.

If you are tired of always cooking the same thing, I encourage you to buy the Le Creuset "Grill&Plancha" recipe book , which offers 29 original recipes for cooking meat, fish, vegetables or even desserts on your grill. The recipes are very clear and easy to prepare, they are also accompanied by impressive photographs that will also serve to achieve the best presentation on the table of the grill itself.

I can't live without my iron and my grill. I have a whole world of possibilities to cook every day in a varied and very healthy way. And you? Do you cook with a griddle or grill?

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