Since summer is the best time to enjoy salads, today Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores , invites us to prepare one that is not only delicious and light, but also gives it a fun touch with the apple cut into spirals without end and julienne beetroot. There is only one thing left: to say "Bon appetit"!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to try raw beetroot in a salad , as you can imagine I loved it. That characteristic earthy sweetness makes it a great combination with fruits like apples or even oranges. In addition, beets have many beneficial properties for health. Did you know that it belongs to the chard family and that its leaves are also eaten?

This time, we will use only the root. I have been lucky enough to be able to get hold of some beautiful organic specimens that inspired me to make this dish that I bring you today, a salad that I know will become a yes or yes this summer and that will surprise everyone who tries it.

beet salad

Kitchen Craft Fruit Basket and Emile Henry Wavy Ceramic Mold

We have to put aside the well-known mixed salad and little by little get hold of a wide repertoire of this type of recipe, all of them refreshing and nutritious, which will give color to our table and enliven our meals, as well as being easy and fast. To prepare.

Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 2 large fresh beets
  • 2 red apples
  • 50gr tender leaves (red lollo, lamb's lettuce, arugula and watercress)
  • 75g crumbled feta cheese
  • 4 pecan nuts toasted and chopped

For the orange and pecan vinaigrette:


1. We begin by preparing the vinaigrette. To do this, we lightly toast the walnuts and mash them in our Emile Henry mortar . Then add the juice, vinegar and oil, mix well and season with salt and pepper. We booked.

2. Next, with the help of the Spiralfix , with the collecting container on and in its fine julienne mode (IIII), we will pass the beets, previously washed and peeled. We will get thin strips of beetroot, about 3 mm thick. We booked.

gefu spiralfix salad

Gefu Emile Henry Ceramic Mortar and Spiralfix Cutter

3. We wash the Spiralfix to pass the apples and thus prevent it from staining with the beetroot juice. For the apples we will use the "endless spirals" mode and once washed we will carry out the same process as with the beets. We booked.

Remember not to take too long to finish the salad as the apple oxidizes quickly, if it takes too long you can sprinkle it with a few drops of lemon.

4. Finally, in the corrugated Emile Henry ceramic mold , we will assemble the salad (the mold is great for this type of salad): in the bottom we will arrange the young leaves, in the center the beetroot that will give volume to the whole, around we arrange the apple with a little grace and, lastly, we distribute the crumbled feta cheese and the chopped and toasted pecans.

5. We serve accompanied by the vinaigrette so that each one seasons it to taste.

Have you ever tried raw beets? Whether you do or not, I hope you try this delicious salad and that you will certainly get the most out of Spiralfix, I already have several recipes in mind, from soups, woks, to frying. How important is the presentation of our dishes! It's just a matter of a little imagination.



    Amaia Arana said:

    Hola, me encantan vuestras ideas y vuestros utensilios. Soy adicta, pero…el aparato que mostráis en esta receta con la manzana es distinto al spiraflix que te sale una vez que pinchas el enlace (en la foto parece que se puede meter la manzana entera, ¿no?
    Gracias por vuestras ideas

    Rocio Cocina en Casa said:

    Hola! Me ha encantado la receta, también lo que dices que es importante la presentación de nuestros platos. Yo también la veo fundamental. Te dejo una receta parecida pero con zanahoria a ver si te gusta guapa. Un besito.

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