There's nothing like starting the day by waking up in the morning and smelling freshly brewed coffee. How do I make this moment a real dream? Preparing me a good breakfast with fresh bread made at home. Homemade bread, crunchy and made in a plis!

The satisfaction that the fact of eating the bread that I have kneaded with my own hands causes me is indescribable.

I use Emile Henry's ceramic bread oven and the results are magnificent: A bread with a firm and crispy crust with super spongy, soft slices and the aroma... it's totally irresistible!

The secret of this oven is in its baking: the dome-shaped lid recreates the same conditions as a traditional bread oven. I leave you a small sample of this genius of the kitchen.

Photo: Ceramic bread oven by Emile Henry

There are other very easy and practical options to prepare our bread. With a bread maker: we just have to put the ingredients in the tray and indicate the time we want to have the bread done. The breadmaker kneads the bread, lets the dough settle and finally cooks it inside the same breadmaker so that it is ready at the scheduled time.

I have tried the Princess bread maker, with which I have also kneaded pasta or made jam, and the Moulinex bread maker , which has a special accessory for cooking baguettes. I have to say that both have given me excellent results.

Do you know what else you can make bread with our cocottes ? As I have already told you on other occasions, the cocotte has the virtue of evenly distributing the heat to the food, which favors a homogeneous cooking of these. So the cocotte reproduces the conditions of a bread oven. Every day I am more and more happy with my cocotte and with everything I can cook with it.

Photo: Bread en cocotte

I recommend a book: Homemade Bread , where you will find homemade bread recipes. The author explains to us in a very simple way everything he has learned in these years dedicated to making bread at home, while teaching hundreds of people to do it.

You can prepare all kinds of bread, with seeds, with aromas, with different flavors... In addition, for people who are allergic to any food or who have celiac disease, they can be sure that they eat totally natural bread without any additives.

As you can see, making bread at home is something that you can do at home in a very short time and without any difficulty.

I love experimenting and cooking new recipes. Having at home all kinds of homemade breads to the taste of my family is a luxury. I am attaching one of my favorite recipes that I prepare with my Emile Henry oven. You will tell me how it turned out for you!

Sources : My own experience and the Per Sucar-hi pa blog.


Amaia said:

Estoy valorando comprar la panificadora con accesorio para baguettes , pero no tengo claro qué sucede con las palas amasadoras cuando el pan se hace. He leído k hay k quitarlas una vez está el pan hecho, bizcocho….entonces se puede romper o deformar el pan….
Me podéis explicar cómo funciona realmente.
Muchas gracias

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