I have a weakness for getting new flavors and experiencing different sensations every time I cook a recipe. If these dishes are cooked in a special way, my satisfaction is complete.

Today I want to show you how much I enjoy cooking in a tagine. Tajine cooking is typical of Morocco and other Maghreb countries. It is a container that is made up of a deep plate and a cone-shaped lid. Cooking in tajine is simple and very comfortable. Its cooking method is healthy and very rich in flavors. I cook recipes at a leisurely pace, letting the flavor and juice of the ingredients in the recipe blend little by little. Quite a show.

Photo: Tajine Le Creuset

The conical design of the ceramic lid retains moisture and heat inside, thus, food remains juicy during the long cooking time with very little water.

As the steam is produced at the bottom of the tagine, it is retained throughout the lid and drips onto the food throughout cooking. The cast iron base can also be used as a single roasting and serving tray.

It is a joy to be able to cook in a tajine. I enjoy making it so much that I have two: a Le Creuset tagine and an Emile Henry tagine.

I love both and I prepare authentic and impressive Moroccan tajines in them. The result could not be better: rich and aromatic dishes. The tajines; the stew that is prepared in it has the same name as the container with which it is cooked, they are characterized by the combination of meats (lamb, beef, chicken), sweet vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, aubergines) and fruits or citrus fruits (lemon, dates, oranges). The sum of these ingredients gives a natural sweetness to many dishes.

Photo: Tajine Emile Henry

It has a very attractive table presentation and keeps food hot for a long time.

Have you ever tried cooking in tajine? Do you dare?

I leave you a recipe that you can use for the first time and prepare a delicious tajine that will leave you speechless: a lamb tajine with plums , a real delight!

I look forward to your comments on this wonderful tool!

Claudia Ferrer


Javier Campo Angulo said:

El nombre correcto es tajine

Javier Campo Angulo said:

El teniente me parece un utensilio de cocina genial. Donde podría conseguirlo. Gracias.

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