You know that from time to time I bring you news that really excites me. Today is a new one: we have discovered Trilloliva, an olive oil that is absolutely incredible , a true diamond in the rough... And we have it exclusively for sale online in Spain!

Oh, I don't think I rarely blurt out something so out of the blue... But I had to say it!

Let's go to the important thing: Trilloliva oil. Trilloliva is a family business that cultivates centuries-old olive groves, and then, based on a traditional cultivation system, through a cooperative society they transform the olives into olive juice, into extra virgin olive oil.

trilloliva extra gourmet olive oil

They produce two types of oil. I will tell you first about the one that totally hooked me from the first time I tried it, the one they call gourmet green EVOO . It is a very particular extra virgin olive oil, which obtains its character thanks to the use of a still green olive , collected during only 15 days in October, which results in an oil with an extraordinary density but very delicate on the palate.

What struck me the most about Trilloliva green olive oil is the change in flavor that I experienced in it in a few seconds: just trying it seemed smooth, but a delicious flavor began to develop in no time, and ended with a slight bitterness from the green olive that remained. on the palate for a long time, but without bite.

As I said, gourmet Trilloliva is a truly complete oil, full of nuances in its flavor, and also in its aroma (you can find aromatic herbs -such as fennel-, green notes, fruits or nuts -such as almonds). In addition, it comes from olives of the picual variety, which gives it the characteristic of being one of the most stable oils on the market, and it is also an authentic natural olive juice , since it is cold pressed.

Extra Gourmet Trilloliva EVOO

To leave you with a curiosity, I will tell you that the taste of that oil left me so impressed that I called my father to come try it. He is a great taster of oil (he loves olive oil!), so the little treasure that he had just discovered could not be left only to me. I gave it to him to taste, and after a few seconds he was saying "Claudia, oh, but what oil, where do I want a bottle from, you're already adding it to the store!"

And so we did! From today, you can find Trilloliva gourmet green oil in our Pantry section. The most beautiful thing about the case is, in addition, that the family that runs Trilloliva knew Claudia&Julia, and after commenting on the illusion of incorporating and making their oil known, they have granted us the exclusive on its online sale (Thank you very much, Ana!) .

trilloliva extra virgin olive oil

EVOO Gourmet and EVOO in 5L carafe

You may also be curious to know that I recently discovered that this oil has obtained great prizes all over the world: gold medal at the International EVOO Competition in Los Angeles (USA), double gold at Athena, silver medal in France, finalists in Jaén, gold in Japan and also in Israel... That at least this time my palate was not wrong, wow!

Apart from the Green Gourmet variety, which you will enjoy in a big way if you use it in green salads, pasta, fish, on bread... (on recipes in which the dressing takes center stage!), we have also incorporated olive oil extra virgin olive (the EVOO Trilloliva) . This is an oil also from the Picual variety, with a lot of character and a classic flavor of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil (you won't regret trying it either!). In this case, it is made from the olive from the second half of November.


Claudia said:

Oh Raquel, qué ilusión que te haya gustado tanto!! Muchas gracias y un saludo, a seguir disfrutando de él!

Raquel said:

Lo tengo en casa y es simplemente espectacular. Oro líquido!!!!

Claudia said:

Hola Chus, tendrás que disculparnos por la confusión, el problema estaba en la foto: el programa muestra el precio del formato más pequeño pero había una foto de la garrafa en portada. Está solucionado, la garrafa ciertamente vale más que esos 3,65€ que veías y ese es el precio del envase de 250ml. gracias y disculpa las molestias.

Chus said:

Me fio bastante de vuestra opinión, pero los precios están bien puestos?? 1/2 litro 5,65 euros 5 litros 3,65 euros ???

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