Popsicles and ice cream are two summer classics that are always appealing and never go out of style. Also, now with the amount of super-useful utensils there are to prepare ice cream at home, we have no excuse. And we can make them as healthy and light as we want .

The best healthy dessert option for this summer

  1. We can make them as sweet or not as sweet as we want, controlling what our family eats, especially the children.
  2. We avoid all preservatives and dyes from industrial ice creams and poles.
  3. In the case of ice cream, we also get rid of unhealthy fats .
  4. For all these reasons, preparing ice cream at home is very advantageous if there are people with food intolerances or allergies in the family.
  5. The flavors that are achieved at home with good ingredients are much purer and cleaner . Try a homemade ice cream and tell me.

Kitchen utensils to make ice creams and popsicles

Currently, there are various items on the market to prepare ice cream and ice cream at home with magnificent results.

To make classic and creamy ice cream:

  1. We have the refrigerator accessory for some kitchen robots such as KitchenAid. These trays have a double wall that encloses a cooling gel. To make ice cream with them, you have to put them in the freezer for several hours and use them in the robot with a scraper accessory that rotates and butters the ice cream.
  2. We also have some fun Zoku ice cream makers like the individual ice cream bowl . Previously you freeze the bowl in the freezer and take it out to introduce the ice cream mixture; you keep mixing and stirring the mixture that, in contact with the bowl, turns into a creamy ice cream .
  3. Finally, we also have the Magimix Expert ice cream maker , with which you can prepare homemade ice cream and sorbets in less than 30 minutes thanks to its three automatic programs (artisan ice cream, creamy ice cream or sorbets), although it also has a manual mode for the most experts. You just introduce the food, select the desired automatic program and in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes you have your ice cream ready. And let us not forget! Includes 2 buckets to make batch after batch of ice cream.

ice cream makers

Zoku ice cream maker (for the ice cream recipe here ) and Kitchen Aid ice cream maker

To make rich poles:

The Zoku house offers a wide variety of moulds, of two types:

  1. Molds that work in the same way as the one described for the KitchenAid accessory, that is, they have a double wall whose interior is previously frozen in the freezer and the container is then used on the outside to freeze the ice cream mixture. This is the case of the Zoku Quick Pop refrigerator. You pour the mixture into it and in 7-8 minutes you have your popsicles ready.
  2. Molds of fun shapes to freeze in the freezer :

All Zoku utensils are designed to unmold the popsicles perfectly thanks to their special plastic.

As you can imagine, these ice lolly molds with or without shapes excite children . In addition, this firm offers numerous accessories to decorate ice creams and poles.

zoku molds

Some of the Zoku popsicle molds ( Space Pop , Mod Pop and Mini Pops ), and Zoku book

Ideas for poles

Undoubtedly the easiest frozen desserts to prepare are ice creams , since we can make them with juices or dairy products, without going any further, with or without sugar. I really like to make them with smoothies or fruit shakes, especially if they have bananas because they are creamier.

The Zoku brand itself has a very fun quick popsicle recipe book and in this article on our blog we give you several ideas.

If you're not motivated by children's ice creams and popsicles because you've long left childhood behind, ahem, slushies and iced coffee are an excellent alternative, such as those made with the Zoku iced coffee glass or slushie glass .

zoku slush glasses and zoku bowl

Zoku iced coffee glass , slushie glass and ice cream bowl

Post updated in July 2018


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