Dear readers and yet friends: many of you are familiar with De Buyer iron pans , pans of a lifetime and for a lifetime at a more than reasonable price.

I will not ponder again the quality of these iron pans :

  1. It is evident from the weight and thickness of the iron sheet from which they have been cast,
  2. due to the long handle that makes them very comfortable to handle and
  3. due to the surface finish with beeswax that gives them a lasting and ecological natural protection.

But there are not so many who know everything that the De Buyer brand offers beyond iron pans. Because although these are one of its most popular products in our country, De Buyer has more than 2,000 references in its catalogue.

Due to the quality and experience of this brand, De Buyer products are the favorites in the hospitality sector, where they have great penetration, with the pedigree for these kitchen utensils that this entails.

With more than 180 years of history, De Buyer elaborates its products taking care of all the details, with absolute rigor. For this reason, they were distinguished by the French Government with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, in recognition of their work as a traditional French company with artisan methods and industrial excellence.

Since Claudia&Julia is not a physical store, you cannot touch or see the products in person. This often frustrates me (how I wish you would check its quality in person!), so I want to tell you about several De Buyer kitchen utensils that I have fallen in love with because they have nothing to do with some products from other brands that may seem similar , but whose finishes are completely different.

Other De Buyer products: beyond cast iron pans

The detachable and non-stick rectangular mold

  1. The thickness of this mold is evident just by holding it in your hand. The thick steel wall distributes the heat very well, preventing the dough from burning at the base and spreading the heat perfectly on the sides. The result is perfect cooking.
  2. In addition, thanks to its excellent non-stick coating, the dough detaches from the mold when cooking.
  3. Finally, it is not easy to find molds of this type with a removable base , a quality that greatly facilitates demolding.

the piping bag

  1. Yes, in something as simple as a piping bag, quality can also make a difference in use. This sleeve is made of cotton , with a very pleasant outer touch, but the inner reinforcing layer is made of nylon to provide great durability and hygiene.
  2. Just by handling it for a while you realize that it has nothing to do with using a plastic bag or an ordinary sleeve. It's another level of manga.

    cooking mandolins

    De Buyer has been releasing some of the best kitchen mandolins on the market for years. The Kobra mandolin, the Viper, the Ultra , etc. They are mandolins with a fantastic edge, safe and with many cutting possibilities thanks to the multitude of easy-to-use accessories.

      New De Buyer cookware

      The know-how and the experience of the De Buyer brand also stand out in the latest innovations that they have launched: the silicone mat and the perforated tray are novelties not only in their catalogue, but in themselves: thanks to their innovative design, the cookies and cakes cook better and have a crisper base, since air penetrates the base of the dough much better.

      buyer's perforated tray and mat for oven

      De Buyer non-stick frying pans

      I cannot finish without mentioning the quality of their non-stick pans : they are robust and their non-stick is excellent, so if you treat it well you will have a pan for a long time.

      About them, I remember seeing a comment from someone who said "It seems that the egg does not touch the pan, nothing sticks here!". I found it funny, but I thought it perfectly reflected what this pan is. It stands out both for the quality of its non-stick coating and for the thickness of the body, which perfectly distributes the heat. In addition, the very appearance of the frying pan shows its high manufacturing quality .

      We confess: we are fans of De Buyer iron pans ... but I hope that from today, every time you see the well-known shield with the lions symbol of the De Buyer brand, you automatically think that you have only one of many products in front of you of high quality , from one of the most prestigious kitchenware companies in the world.


      Rosario said:

      Yo me decidí por la sarten de hierro mineral de Buyer, y estoy encantada. Ya me cansé de tirar a la basura las antiadherentes blancas de marcas mas corrientes. La comida se cocina mejor y hasta el sabor es más bueno.

      Claudia said:

      Hola Yolanda,
      No las conocemos, pero Laguiole es una región de Francia muy conocida por los cuchillos, más que por sartenes. Seguramente algún fabricante de cuchillos ha hecho alguna sartén también, pero en nuestra opinión la mejor es sin duda la De Buyer Affinity y la De Buyer normal, además con una relación calidad-precio muy buena.

      Yolanda Lempika said:

      Estoy buscando unas sartenes. Me han hablado de las de acero inoxidable de Laguiole, aunque creo que se pasan un poco de precio. No sé si comercializáis la marca o conocéis referencias.

      Simon said:

      Llevo usando productos de la marca de Buyer desde hace unos años. Sartenes, mandolinas y más cosas y la calidad es excelente. Por cierto….no puedo comprarlos en vuestra tienda porque no enviais a Canarias todavia…a ver para cuando ;-))

      maria said:

      Tengo 4 y una de blinis, ademas he comprado para regalar y seguire comprando estos productos, son fantasticos estoy loca de contenta con mis sartenes, el unico problema por llamarlo asi es que se ponen muy fea, pero vale la pena

      Claudia said:

      Hola Nando,
      qué alegría me das, muy contenta de que estés tan satisfecho. La verdad es que van de fábula :) Saludos!

      Nando said:

      Ya tengo tres. Dos sartenes y otra tipo grill que todavía no he usado.
      De las dos primeras estoy más que satisfecho. La carne se asa, no se cuece. Y también las he usado para hacer tortillas, y no se pegaron. El comentario de mi cuñada que estaba conmigo en la cocina es muy revelador " no se ha pegado…".
      Completamente satisfecho y ya van tres……

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