The Le Creuset skillet pan is a 100% iron pan that can go on both the stove and the oven. Patricia, author of Sabores&Momentos , shows us today with this very easy recipe to prepare, using only the oven, and with a fabulous presentation in the skillet.

We are back from the holidays, with many things on our hands and a number of new recipes and dishes that we want to try... but so many copious lunches and dinners at home have left us somewhat saturated, and you??

At home, with the little ones we don't even talk about diets, but we do talk about recipes made in the oven and with less fat.

lamb ribs with potatoes

Le Creuset skillet iron pan , Bérard olive wood board and Pallarès knife

As we are all at work, especially now after the holidays, we are looking for easy and simple recipes that are just as useful for dinner on any given day, as for Sunday lunch! That is why today I propose a recipe for some tasty lamb ribs that with a simple dressing and a touch of oven in our Skillet in a few minutes we will have a delicious first course! But so as not to present them alone, we are going to accompany them with some "Hasselback" potatoes, which whenever I make them at home to accompany meat are a guaranteed success!

The recipe for these potatoes originates from a hotel with that name located in Stockholm. Although there are many versions of the recipe, I bring you this one that is very simple and tasty and that constitutes the perfect accompaniment for these juicy little ribs... and of course also prepared in the Skillet , for that I have two!!


Potatoes -the amount for the diners that you are at home (1 per person if they are medium and 2 if they are small)
1 head of garlic
EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
dried and/or fresh thyme
dried and/or fresh oregano
Salt and pepper
Lamb ribs - the amount for the diners that you are at home (3/4 per person)
dried and/or fresh thyme
Soy sauce
flake salt
freshly ground pepper
Pistachio or almond oil (optional)


Preheat the oven to 200ºC. We wash the potatoes and to cut them into slices of half a centimeter I saw a fantastic trick on the internet: using two wooden spoons with round handles of the same diameter, one on each side of the potato on a cutting board (as you can see in the photo). , and in this way we avoid cutting to the bottom.

ribs in skillet le creuset

Le Creuset skillet iron skillet , T&G wooden spoons , Bérard olive wood board and Pallarès knife

Once cut, we place them in our skillet (or failing that, if there are a lot of you, you can use a ceramic or cast iron baking tray ), together with the head of garlic from which we have previously cut the upper part. We drizzle everything with a good jet of extra virgin olive oil (or instead you can use La Tourangelle pistachio oil or almond oil, it gives it a special touch that looks great), salt, freshly ground pepper and fresh herbs for on.

Bake for about 45-50 minutes (depending on the size of the potatoes) and a couple of times during baking, we will spray olive oil over the potatoes again.

While the potatoes are in the oven, we can start preparing the lamb chops, placing them in our skillet (or failing that if there are a lot of you, in an iron or ceramic baking tray ) and proceeding to season with a good generous stream of extra virgin olive oil, a splash of soy sauce that will give the meat a delicious flavor, salt flakes , freshly ground pepper and fresh herbs, especially thyme, which in addition to fresh, you can sprinkle a handful of dry.

Once about 35-40 minutes of the oven time for the potatoes have elapsed, we put the meat in the oven on the upper tray, making sure that they are done but not overcooked, since the meat of the lamb ribs, as they are small pieces small, they don't take long.

When we see that both dishes are ready, we take them out and directly to the table! A suggestion, spray the potatoes again before serving with a (very thin) stream of EVOO and be sure to squeeze the baked garlic cloves with a fork and mix them with the potato, they will be a delicious snack!


Claudia said:

¡Muchas gracias, Encarnación! Felices que te guste, un saludo! :)

Encarnacion <Aparicio said:

buenísima receta y mejor combinaci,on

Claudia said:

Genial Erica! Sí, es una receta súper resultona!! :)

Erica said:

La idea de la patata me encanta! Ya la estoy probando, que fácil y rico.

Claudia said:

Hola Juncal, sí!! riquísimas! :) Prueba al horno y verás qué sabroso, ya nos contarás. Saludos!

Juncal Corral Zuñiga said:

Me encantan las patatas haselbak y las chuletillas las adobo y las hago en la sarten
Para chuparse los dedos, las haré al horno con tu receta.

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