Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet , offers us a risotto with a delicious and surprising color and flavor, ideal to prepare for your partner on a special day or to surprise your friends with an unusual risotto.

Although there are specially marked dates on the calendar, it is always a good opportunity to surprise our partner with a romantic dinner, with or without candlelight, but with imagination at the table, attention to detail, tones and even ingredients.

The fruits of the forest have a special charm and I think they are perfect to embroider a dish or to star in it, as in this wonderful recipe that I found in the book "The silver spoon" , which is always a magnificent source of inspiration.

blueberry risotto

Ingredients (for two people)

750 cc of vegetable broth
40g butter
½ finely chopped onion
175g of rice
80cc of quality white wine
100g of blueberries
50ml of liquid cream
Grated parmesan


I have chosen Buyer's Carbone Plus iron paella pan to prepare this risotto because I think it is ideal to bring to the table, even dispense with the plates and share it with your partner, if you are confident, the rice directly from it. Failing that, we can also serve it in beautiful dishes, little by little, as we feel like.

We bring the broth to a boil. Meanwhile, melt the butter in the pan , add the onion and saute it for 5 minutes until soft. Add the rice and stir for a few seconds so that it is impregnated with butter.

Pour in the wine and let it evaporate over medium heat. Reserve a few blueberries for garnish and add the rest to the rice. Add a little broth and let it cook, stirring a little until it evaporates. Little by little, the blueberries fall apart and release their juice, which is responsible for the showy color of this recipe.

We add more broth again, and so on until the rice is done. Depending on the intensity of the fire, this process can take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Once cooked, add the cream and stir. We can also do it directly on the plate, helped with a jug where we bring it hot, and grate the Parmesan right there and decorate with blueberries.

We can also share tasks, one adds the cream and another grates the cheese and places the blueberries.

It is allowed to offer some to the mouth of the other diner.

I hope you enjoy it, and that every day is Valentine's Day!



Claudia said:

Me encanta ver que te haya inspirado tanto la receta, Esther! Ya nos contarás qué tal resulta y lo contentos que acaban los invitados. Lo de presentarlo en las minis me parece genial :) Saludos!

Claudia said:

Hola Victoria,
cómo me alegro que resultase tan bien el pastel!! La verdad es que es rico y gusta a todos, todo un acierto! Ahora a por más ;) Saludos, Claudia

victoria said:

He visto el pastel individual de pollo y lo he preparado tal cual lo dices,solo que el relleno lo hice aprovechando un resto de pisto(no llegaba a una ración)y una pechuga de pollo asado de Mercadona,que son tan jugosas que en mi casa ya no se pelean por los muslos.Le añadí el resto
de productos y salió riquísimo.Es una forma de aprovechar restos con una presentación espectacular.

Esther said:

Me encanta esta receta, voy hacer una cena especial, se trata de que los invitados coman sin ver lo que tienen en el plato ( les pondremos un antifaz, no me fío mucho de que no los abran si no lo llevan…jejeje). Y este plato es perfecto, distintos sabores, texturas, olores…. Y lo pondré en mis maravillosas mini cocotte. Quedara genial y les encantará. Gracias por las sugerencias

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