Leticia, author of Revelando Sabores , returns to the blog to bring us a recipe that you will love for its simplicity and infinite possibilities: making blinis is very easy and can solve both an improvised dinner and be the perfect appetizer at a more formal meal . His proposal is accompanied by foie and caramelized apple, a delicious combination... And at the end we give you more ideas to create many other delicious recipes with blinis!

If there is ever a time when I envy the rich and famous, it is certainly with the arrival of summer... No, that's not what you're thinking. It's not because of their fabulous vacations, nor because of the wonderful little houses on the beach. It's not even because of their poses like little mermaids on the seashore... If there's something I envy, it's the wonderful dinners they organize at sunset.

Let's see, understand me, yes, I also organize dinners at home with the arrival of good weather, but mine is usually a "here I catch you, here I kill you", an improvised dinner on the fly in which you don't care. nor time to set up a pretty table or prepare all those recipes that we have saved for when visitors come...

We agree that dinners in good company are always enjoyed, but sometimes you want to show off a little. Does it happen to you too? Well today I bring you the solution!! A delicious starter , which we will prepare in a moment and that will make you look like the perfect hosts. These are blinis with foie-gras and caramelized apple that will delight your guests.

blinis recipe

Although the original blinis are prepared with baker's yeast, I have adapted the recipe so that you can make them with chemical yeast, or baking powder, so that it is not necessary to let the dough rise, and with a rest of 30 minutes It is more than enough. Maybe this way they are more similar to pancakes, but I assure you that they are delicious just the same.

And if you also have the Mineral B iron pan for blinis that allows us to prepare 16 mini blinis at a time , and you take advantage of the resting time of the dough to prepare the caramelized apple, I assure you that it will not take you at all to prepare this delicious starter .

Let's go for the blinis recipe!


Ingredients for the blinis:

  • 50g of flour
  • 50g wholemeal flour
  • 200ml milk
  • 1 egg
  • 8g of chemical yeast (½ envelope approx.)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • Oil to grease the pan

Ingredients for the caramelized apple:

  • 2 apples
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar

To decorate the blinis, also:

  • 1 block of foie gras

Preparation of the blinis with foie and caramelized apple

We prepare the dough for blinis:

  1. In a bowl we sift the flour together with the yeast. We add the milk, salt, pepper and egg yolk (we reserve the white).
  2. We mix well, using manual whisks , until all the ingredients are perfectly integrated.
  3. We cover the bowl with film and let the mixture rest in the refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes.

We prepare the caramelized apples:

  1. We peel the apples, core them and cut them into thin slices using a very sharp knife (if you want to use all the pulp, the Opinel peeling knife is fantastic).
  2. We put a frying pan over medium heat, or like me in this case the Le Creuset skillet , add the butter and, once it is melted, we also add the apple.
  3. When we see that the apple is tender, we add the brown sugar to the pan and keep it on the heat until the sugar has dissolved and the apple is golden brown, being careful not to burn it. We reserve.

blinis recipe

Le Creuset skillet frying pan

We prepare and assemble the blinis:

  1. After the resting time of the dough has passed, we whip the egg white that we had reserved until stiff, either with a whisk or with some manual whisks, and once it is whipped we add it to the previous mixture, with enveloping movements and with the help of a spatula so that the whites fall as little as possible.
  2. We put the Mineral B De Buyer iron blinis pan on the fire over medium heat, we grease each hole with a little oil, using a brush , and once the pan is hot we put a teaspoon of the dough in each hole. When we see that the dough begins to bubble and the edges are set, we turn them over.
  3. We let the blinis cook on the other side, they will need less time, and when they are ready we take them out to a plate that we will cover with aluminum foil so that they do not cool while we finish making them all.
  4. We repeat the process until we finish the dough, lightly greasing the holes of the pan each time.
  5. Once we have all the blinis ready, we put a teaspoon of foie gras and a sheet of caramelized apple on each one .

recipe for blinis with foie and caramelized apple

De Buyer Mineral B iron blinis pan , Pols Ceramic bowl , Bérard flour spoon , Pallarès knife and Serrano foie gras pad

More recipes with blinis

I hope you like the recipe, and that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy it at home. The truth is that the combination of foie with caramelized apple is a success, both for its presentation and its delicious contrast and flavor.

In my case I have made mini-blinis, but you can also make blinis about ten centimeters in diameter with the help of blini pans (the Skeppshult or the De Buyer one are designed exclusively for this!).

It is a very easy dough to prepare and you can combine it with a multitude of delicious ingredients. They are usually presented with salty foods : (1) mounted with a little cheese spread and salmon, (2) with arugula and chicken, (3) with arugula , eggs and prawns, (4) with omelette and mushrooms, (5) with asparagus and mushrooms, (6) with roquefort cheese, arugula and walnuts, (7) with cheese spread and chatka, (8) with cheese spread, quail eggs and cherry tomatoes, (9) with hard-boiled egg and caviar... Choose your favorite ingredients and give free rein to your imagination, you'll be right!

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