I love handmade things. I find it very special to serve a recipe prepared with care on a plate made by hand, to enjoy a good wine in a clay glass or to present a special appetizer in a unique bowl.

Wherever I go, I am always looking for this type of product to be able to enjoy it in quiet moments, to make any moment a special moment (I confess that my eyes shine every day when I pick up that cup, that bowl, that glass... that I bought in that market, in that workshop -I remember the reason why I bought each one), or to be able to offer an original presentation in special meals. I also love giving away these types of products. It is an original and different gift that always makes a good impression, since they are unique and very personal pieces.

At home we already have many handmade ceramic utensils but when I discovered the work of Pols Ceramic through Patricia from Sabores y Momentos , I knew immediately that I wanted to meet Gloria in person and see some of her creations in her workshop. Gloria is a very kind and close person, and it didn't take us long to talk about offering her products in our store.

pols ceramic

The Pols Ceramic workshop is a very special and personal corner in a very quiet area of ​​Barcelona. There, next to a bright sideboard, Gloria works the pieces manually on her lathe and fires them in two steps, at 1020ºC and 1260ºC, to obtain pieces with a resistant and high-quality finish .

The pieces that Gloria manufactures are very functional , designed for daily use, with a simple design but at the same time very natural and warm. In addition, being made by hand, each piece is unique and bears the personal stamp of Gloria's hands and work. Imperfections are part of the art of doing things with your hands , resulting in the perfect imperfection.

pols ceramic

(1) Glass , flat plate and dessert plate ; (2) mug with large handle , cobalt and mate glasses, and coffee mug ; (3) pot for spatulas , flat plate, deep plate , bowl and Pols Ceramic glass .

I hope this new collection transmits to you everything that it transmitted to me the first time I saw it, it was a complete crush! In my opinion, it is worth investing in this type of pieces, since they are ideal for more relaxed or special moments. They are also a perfect gift, giving something handmade is always a success.

Claudia Ferrer

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