The cocotte is an ideal kitchen utensil: it is a very versatile vitrified iron pot , which can go in the oven and on the stove (either gas, vitro or induction), and it gives you a lot of play since you can prepare both a delicious baked chicken as legumes, rice dishes, soups or even bread and biscuits. How many kitchen utensils can you talk about this well?

As some skeptics will not believe in what I have just told you (people of little faith!), today I bring you a compilation of 15 of the most varied recipes to prepare in a cocotte . It is a selection of varied dishes -starters, main courses and some sweets- that you can prepare in any type of iron cocotte, so that you can see the great variety of recipes that can be made in them. These are selected recipes from our blog that I hope you like.

Those of you who already have a beautiful Le Creuset cocotte at home and know that it goes a long way, I hope that the recipes inspire you to continue taking full advantage of its potential and that you leave us your favorite recipes in the comments.

Go for the recipes!

recipes in cocotte

First courses in cocotte

1. Asturian stew

2. Brothy seafood rice

3. Vegetables in a cocotte: the winter cocotte

4. Clam stew with broccoli

Second courses in cocotte

5. Pork loin with apple cider vinegar

6. Stuffed chicken round

7. Roast chicken with vegetables

8. Beef stew with beer

9. Old-fashioned chicken fricassee

10. Monkfish a la marinera

Some sweet recipes en cocotte

11. Sponge cake with a touch of cocoa en cocotte

12. Fig jam

13. Marbled sponge cake en cocotte

14. Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce

15. Old bread with dough made in a cocotte

Claudia Ferrer


Ana said:

Tego una cocote pequeña y la uso muy poco espero que estas recetas me sean útiles muchas gracias

Idoya said:

Yo tengo una cocote color naranja hace 15 años. Es la reina de mi cocina. !!!!!!!! Me da pena que se me ha oscurecido bastante el fondo de dentro. …..,,

Pilar.fandos..fraguas. said:

Me encanta.guisar.con estás ollas.

Paz Espinosa said:

Me acaban de regalar una cocotte de Le Creuset y quiero estrenarla!

Carmen said:

Gracias! Muy buenas recetas y adaptables a necesidades particulares…

Alba said:

He adaptado vuestras recetas a una dieta sin gluten, y geniales, muchas gracias

Alba said:

He adaptado vuestras recetas a una dieta sin gluten, y geniales, muchas gracias

Ángeles Ruiz Sánchez said:

Me encantan sus recetas

Pilar said:

Hola! Muchas gracias por las recetas! Me encanta tu página web y la calidad que tiene todo. Un saludo

Carmen Díaz Nieto said:

Me encanta la cocina y las piezas de Le creusset , vuestra pagina me parece interesante.

Patricia said:

Hace unos 15 días pusieron la Receta de la Torta de San Juan, la cual tenía la Cruz de Santiago, por favor vuelvan a ponerla, me lan perdido en casa.
Soy de Guatemala, y les estoy muy agradecida por su atención.

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