The turkey cannot be missing in a traditional Christmas meal. Àngels Pallàs' proposal, this turkey with fruit and tangerine sauce , is a traditional British cuisine recipe adapted to our palates. It can be made with a whole turkey by increasing the ingredients of the stuffing, in fact the original recipe was intended for a whole stuffed turkey.


  • 8 dried apricots
  • 100g toasted and chopped pistachios
  • 100g dried cherries (or any dried red fruit)
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 garlic Chopped parsley Butter and oil
  • 1 or 2 turkey breasts cut to fill
  • Salt, pepper and lemon
  • Cognac

For the mandarin sauce:

  • 5 tangerines
  • 1 tbsp mandarin peel cut into thin strips
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp of Brandy (better if it is good)
  • 200 ml of mild chicken broth
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch

For the accompaniment:

  1. A couple or three large potatoes
  2. Oil
  3. Green leaves (sage, basil, etc)


  1. Leave the dried apricots and dried red fruits in a bowl with hot water for about ten minutes. We take them out of the water, cut them and remove them in a container with the pistachios and chopped parsley.
  2. We open and stretch the breast until it has a rectangular shape. If necessary, we can add a piece of another breast to complete the rectangle. Season with salt and pepper, add a few drops of cognac and a little butter on top.
  3. While the breast macerates, we sauté the onion and garlic in a container with butter and oil. It is important to make the sofrito with enough butter since when making the recipe with the breast without skin, it can be a bit dry. First we put the onion and once it is poached, we add the minced garlic and let it cook for a minute. It is important that the garlic does not burn so that it does not become bitter. We just let it change color without getting toasted. Remove to a container to cool slightly. We wait about ten minutes and add the dehydrated red fruits, the pistachio and the chopped parsley. We mix well.
  4. Put the dough on top of the breast and roll it up carefully. We tie it with kitchen string, winding the thread from end to end of the breast and season with salt and pepper. If we do not dare to stuff the breast at home, we can take the stuffing to our trusted store. Normally, they have no problem stuffing the breast with our stuffing.

We put the stuffed breast in an oval cocotte with oil and melted butter and let it brown in the fire. When the breast is golden on both sides, we cover the cocotte and leave it in the oven preheated to 200º for 20 minutes, 10 minutes on one side, and 10 minutes on the other side. After 20 minutes, put a couple of tablespoons of sugar on top, remove the lid and leave it in the oven for two or three more minutes to make it shiny.

Remove the breast from the oven, let it cool slightly and untie and cut. It can be served in an Emile Henry ceramic dish with a little tangerine sauce with its segments (without skin) on top.

Mandarin sauce:

  1. We make juice of three tangerines and reserve it.
  2. We peel and make rooks with the other two tangerines. To make the skinless rooks, we cut the first rook directly from the peeled tangerine leaving the skin on the fruit. We cut the skin of the second rook without removing it completely, we turn the page as if it were a book and we cut the second rook directly into the tangerine. We follow the procedure with all the rooks of the two tangerines.
  3. We take the skin of the two tangerines and remove the white part of the skin so that it does not bitter and cut the skin into very fine strips with scissors or a sharp knife. Blanch, strain and remove this skin.
  4. With the other tangerines we make juice.
  5. We prepare the cornstarch by mixing it with water. It is important to put the cornstarch first and then add the water and mix so that there are no lumps.
  6. As a good Worcestershire sauce, we will start by making a little caramel by toasting the sugar with a little water in a saucepan. When the sugar is toasted, carefully add the brandy, the tangerine juice and the chicken broth.
  7. When the sauce begins to boil, add the cornstarch, the tangerine skin strips and lastly, the tangerine rooks. Season with salt and pepper and remove. If we make it the day before, it is important to leave it a little clear since the cornstarch will thicken it during the night.

Potatoes to accompany:

  1. Cut very thin slices of the potatoes with a sharp knife or a mandolin and leave them in a bowl with oil. We take them out of the bowl, shake them to remove excess oil and put them on a non-stick mat to be able to bake them.
  2. Put the leaves on top of the potatoes. We remove the excess oil from the sheet of the tapestry and put it in the oven preheated to 200º for 10 minutes or until they are crispy.

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