With the Cookexpert we can do great things and today we show it to you with this delicious typical sweet bread from Alsace. Because yes, the Cookexpert apart from cooking and processing, also works the masses that are scary.

In addition, I hope that the surprise also comes from the mold in which we make bread: we are going to do it in a bundt mold, because apart from biscuits in it we can make brioches, breads, flans, puddings, jellies, pasta cakes... you can think of, since after all they are nothing more than non-stick molds (the only thing that they are precious!).

Surely many of you do not know this bread that we bring you today, but I promise you that it is here to stay. Not only is it super easy to make, but it tastes really delicious. A little sweet and with a tender crumb, with a buttery flavor that reminds me enormously of pandoro. But with the great advantage that we avoid folding the dough with the butter.

We make this bread in a specific mold, the Kugelhopf , but if you don't have this in particular, any other bundt cake type mold is perfect (even with mini bundt molds you can make beautiful and very original buns!).

We have made a variation on the original sweet, and instead of raisins we have filled it with a chocolate cream and nut butter, which is also ideal for using up leftover biscuits and making other fillings.

We tell you the recipe step by step so that you can get down to work, because it really is worth it.

Bundt Kugelhopf mold

Recipe author: Mónica de Pan De Broa

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