A couple of months ago we announced that we were launching a very special recipe contest for cooking blogs. It was a speed cooker recipe contest that we organized for the first time together with WMF Spain, manufacturer of some of the best speed cookers in the world, among other high quality utensils, both for the kitchen and the table.

We are very happy with the participation and the delicious proposals that the different blogs have sent us: more than 30 blogs have participated, with all kinds of recipes, first courses, second courses and desserts. Very soon we hope to present you with a small compilation of all of them, despite the fact that many of you have been seeing them on our networks ( Facebook and Instagram ).

As we communicated in the contest rules, from Claudia&Julia we made a pre-selection with 10 finalist recipes that we communicated to WMF Spain. They would be in charge of choosing the three winning recipes, and we just received their decision!


Empedrat with sardines
Miguel Angel Roque of Green Peppers

Smoked salmon cheesecake without oven
Olga Navarro from Painting the Clouds

Luisa Morón from Cooking with my Carmela

Each one of them has won the new WMF round Vitalis pot for steam cooking, a wonderful pot and ideal for healthy and quality cooking. !! Congratulations!!

On the other hand, thank all the blogs that have participated. It is a great joy to receive your emails, see your recipes and discover, once again, that we are in an environment full of great cooking professionals. All of you will receive, as a thank you and as announced in the contest, a WMF ball-tipped pastry whisk . Very soon they should arrive to you too!

Thank you all. See you, I hope very soon with new contests and new recipes!


Claudia said:

Muchísimas gracias, chicas!! Ha sido un concurso muy bonito y con riquísimas propuestas!! Muchas gracias por todas ellas, os espero a la próxima ;)

Ma Angeles said:

Felicidades a los ganadores, la verdad que unos recetones de lujo, ya me he pasado a verlos, y las fotos espectaculares. Muy contenta de haber participado.
Un saludo!

Carmen said:

Muchísimas felicidades a los ganadores!!! Ha sido un placer poder participar y con ganas de ver ese recopilatorio.
Un saludo

Marisa G said:

Felicidades a los ganadores. Unas recetas estupendas. Un placer participar y a la espera de ver el recopilatorio.

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