A few days ago I announced that we now had the book The Sin Table available in our store. It is a fantastic book that comes from the hand of eight gastrobloggers, some of whom are regular contributors to this blog and great friends of Claudia&Julia.

The authors of this editorial genius are:

Miriam García from the blog The Winter Guest , Miguel Ángel Roque from Pimientos Verdes , Patricia Sánchez from Tell Me It's Friday , Raquel Carmona from Los Tragaldabas , Luisa Morón from Cocinando con mi Carmela , Patricia García from Sabores y Momentos , Margot Serrano from Margot, Things of Life and Pamela Rodríguez One of Two .

The common thread of The Table of Sin is the seven deadly sins . Several recipes are shown, each interpreting a sin.

As a counterpoint, we find the seven virtues translated by another protagonist, who prepares the recipes as penance to those first shown.

Each recipe contains a technical sheet with pairing suggestions , a type of wine recommended so that the experience of one's own sin is complete, thanks to the renowned sommelier Esteve Esteve , from the Ca L'Esteve Restaurant , in Castellbisbal in Barcelona.

A temptation we couldn't resist! When we heard that these great figures in the gastroblogging sphere were publishing a book, we rushed to be able to offer it on Claudia&Julia.

I have no doubt that this book is going to be a success. Just opening the first page shows the enthusiasm and effort put into this project.

Congratulations girls for this great job!

Jordi Manero


Patry de Sabores y Momentos said:

Mil gracias de nuevo por apostar por nosotros y nuestro libro!
Un besazo

luisa said:

Me alegro que os guste y espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como nosotros. Bss.

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