On cold or rainy days like the ones we have lately, there is nothing I feel like more than having a cup of tea.

It is a joy: putting the kettle on the fire, having my favorite cup ready and sitting on the sofa waiting to hear the characteristic and unmistakable whistle that announces that the water is ready to prepare my tea or my favorite infusion.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. It has a host of health benefits. It helps me to relax and have my quiet time at home or after a very copious meal, tea helps me to have a lighter digestion.

To fully enjoy a tea or an infusion, it is best to use a teapot. The material with which they are made, such as enameled or stainless steel, helps to distribute the heat quickly and effectively and our tea or infusion will be ready in no time.

Many of you will wonder how much we should use to obtain a good tea. This depends a bit on the type of leaf, but you must bear in mind that the leaves must remain loose in the container with which we prepare the infusion. That is, they have to occupy the container but not overcrowd it. In this way, they will release all their aroma. In addition, the water with which we prepare it, if possible, must be fresh, because it protects the aroma of the leaves more.

Most of the time, the water should boil. The water temperature may vary depending on the type of tea. To prepare one comfortably and make the most of its properties, I use the Le Creuset Zen Teapot . It is beautiful, apart from being super practical. It is made of steel and has a handle so that I can easily serve my infusion.

Le Creuset also has other teapots, such as the Tea Time. It is made of stainless steel, with a very careful design that makes preparing tea an art.

Le Creuset Tea Time Teapot

One of Le Creuset's more traditional teapots is the Demi . Made of enameled steel, which conducts heat very quickly and makes my infusion ready in no time.

Without a doubt, all the teapots that I have shown you are beautiful. Do you know how curious it is that they whistle when the water is ready? I love it! I have them on display in the kitchen because they look so pretty...

Now you know, to prepare a tea with the certainty that it will have all its aroma and maximum flavor, without wasting too much time, Le Creuset teapots are a very safe bet.

Le Creuset Teapots

When you have a bad day, a lot of stress from work or you are overwhelmed, a good remedy is to place the kettle on the stove, choose the infusion or tea that you most want and enjoy a good warm cup while you relax on the sofa, watching your favorite series or reading a book. Could there be anything better to put a bad day behind you or warm you up on a winter day? It works great for me and it's the best remedy for annoying bosses or gray days...

Do you usually drink tea or other infusions? Do you use teapots to prepare it? I want to know your tastes or your customs!

Jordi Manero


Tea Mundi said:

¡Muy buenas consideraciones para acertar con la tetera!
Sin duda, se trata de un artículo imprescindible para disfrutar correctamente de los tés y las infusiones. En https://www.teamundi.es/ recomendamos prestar especial atención al filtrado.

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