Virginia, from Sweet&Sour , brings us a typical dish of Basque gastronomy, porrusalda, in its most complete, tasty and delicious version. It is a complete and healthy dish, which when served very hot is perfect for winter days.

Porrusalda is a traditional dish from the Basque Country and Navarra, which basically consists of a leek and potato soup. In fact, "Porrusalda" in Basque means leek (porru) broth (sauce). It is a dish belonging to the humble recipe book, which appears for the first time in a recipe book written with this name, back in the year 1930, although by the 19th century it already had its place within the recipe books for "leek and potato soups". ”, but without giving it a specific name.

porrusalda en cocotte

Le Creuset Cast Iron Cocotte

But don't be fooled: despite being a simple dish, the orthodoxy of this dish generates more than one discussion.

If we only look at the leek, there are those who only incorporate the white part and those, like me, who like to add a small part of the green part of the leek. In my case, not only for the flavor but also for the color it brings to the plate.

But the discussions do not end there. The main one is limited to the fact of whether or not soaked cod should be incorporated into the traditional porrusalda. And do not think that this is an insignificant issue, since the supporters and detractors of the use of cod are almost equally divided.

To the basic leek and potato porrusalda, carrots, pumpkin and, sometimes as we say to give it a more cheerful touch, an ear (the finest part of the cod) of desalted and soaked cod, and even pork ribs are also usually added. .

In any case, the incorporation of protein makes it a most complete dish, ideal for winter nights and to adjust your pocket on the well-known January slope. It is a pleasure and most comforting to enjoy it warm at night of winter. A healthy, cheap and light dish that you can have ready in 20 minutes.

We will make today's porrusalda more complete, since in addition to the leek and potato we will add carrots to give it colour, and soaked cod to give it a cheerful touch and make it a complete dish.

Let's go with the recipe!

INGREDIENTS (for 4 servings)

4 large leeks cut into thick slices
4 medium potatoes, smashed
1 sliced ​​carrot
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1 ear of cod desalao soaked and cut into three pieces.
1 liter water


We clean the leeks well and remove any roots and soil that they may still have. These that you see are farmhouse, freshly picked in the morning from the garden and the flavor is incomparable.

To clean the leek, make a cross-shaped cut with a knife, where the green area begins. In this way we reach practically all the leaves and thus the earth comes out very well under the tap water.

We cut them into thick slices, one and a half fingers wide, but which are then capable of being taken to the mouth as a bite.

Peel and cut the potatoes into medium pieces. The same as the leek, which later serve as a snack. To chop the potatoes it is better to click them, to allow the potato starch to come out and thicken the broth.

Peel and cut the carrots into thick slices on the bias (I said in bite).

We put our Le Creuset iron cocotte on the fire with a tablespoon of EVOO over medium heat. Add the leek and lightly poach, then the potato and carrot and sauté again without any color taking on.

Cover with the water, raise the heat to medium-high until it begins to boil. At that time, we lower the heat to medium, semi-cover with the lid and let it cook for about 20 minutes, until we see that the potato is cooked.

A couple of minutes before the potato is ready, add the soaked cod cut into 4 pieces. Cover the cocotte and let it cook over a very low heat. Cod should not be overcooked as this is cod that is already salt cured and overcooking will leave it soggy.

We check the salt point, because the cod contributes its own and we rectify with salt and freshly ground pepper. List.

We serve the porrusalda immediately (in a few tureens the presentation is excellent). Although, to be honest, I like it even better with a day of rest, in which the potato has thickened the broth slightly and the flavor of the vegetables and cod have settled.

porrusalda with cod in cocotte


- Instead of water you can use broth from having cooked the skin and cod bones. But water for my taste is enough.

- I like to thicken the broth a bit, mashing some of the potatoes with a fork. Or even removing a little vegetable and potato, mashing it and adding it back to the porrusalda.

To enjoy.

Claudia Ferrer


Nacho said:

Felicitaciones por las recetas tan estupendas y bien comentadas que ponéis a nuestra disposición. Una pregunta, cuánto tiempo de cocción le das al bacalao. Gracias

Claudia said:

Hola Mariam, muchísimas gracias, me alegra que te gusten. Tenemos unas colaboradoras estupendas! Se lo haré llegar, gracias! Claudia

Claudia said:

Ay Javier, qué sonrisa me has quitado con tu sopa de Panoramix! Con la zanahoria y el apio tiene también que estar deliciosa, y sin te abriga el cuerpo en épocas frías y te recupera como si de ASterix se tratara :) Un saludo, y muchas gracias por compartirlo! Claudia

Claudia said:

Hola Amparo,
gracias por tus palabras, me alegra que te guste el blog. En cuanto al té matcha, es una especie de té verde. Hay algunas grandes superficies que ya lo han incorporado, pero sino podrías probar en tiendas de alimentación orientales que puedas tener en la zona, en farmacias que tiendan a tener productos naturales o en herborístarías. Espero que lo encuentres, se disfruta y es muy saludable. Saludos, Claudia

Amparo said:

Me parece estupendo y me encanta ,ami me hacen un gran favor porqué me gusta hacer recetas nuevas.
Dónde quedó comprar té marcha

Javier said:

Aunque no sea ortodoxo yo siempre le pongo cebolla, además de la zanahoria. Y como no somos unos remilgados ni unos talibanes de la cocian, si tengo también le pongo apio. ¿Que se parece más a la sopa de Panoramix que a la porrusalda? Puede, y por eso yo la llamo la sopa de Asterix. Salvo cuando pongo bacalao, que es porrusalda.

Mariam said:

Todas las recetas que he leído hasta ahora me parecen estupendas, bien detalladas y explicadas,me encantan

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