" Just as no self-respecting cook would work with low-quality ingredients, we only buy the best raw materials. And we craft our products with the same care and attention to detail that any budding gourmet would put into their preparation. of an exquisite meal".

This is the philosophy of Kuhn Rikon, and I find it exemplary. I like it so much, that in fact I try to transfer this thinking to Claudia&Julia -when I choose the products to introduce to the store, when we give an answer to a client, when we pack the products to send them... You have to be careful, and transfer affection and professionalism to things. That's how I think at least. And for this very reason I trust Kuhn Rikon so much, and I wanted to talk to you about this brand today.

This name sounds familiar to many, and surely you have seen its logo, because Kuhn Rikon is a very important company. Despite being family-owned (headquartered in Rikon, Switzerland), they have subsidiaries in the UK, Spain and the US They sell to over 40 countries around the world, and maintain close relationships with distributors.

Kuhn Rikon is in charge of the entire production process, from product development and design to the distribution of high-quality kitchenware, accessories and utensils that allow for efficient and healthy cooking. Without a doubt, when talking about Kuhn Rikon we can talk about Swiss quality! They use top-quality steel, have a large part of the production process automated, but check the quality of the product piece by piece at key points, using electronic methods. And with all this they make sure to maintain very high quality results. Consider that Kuhn Rikon was the first company in the consumer goods industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification for its quality management!

And if I emphasize quality so much, it is because it is vital to me from the moment your products enter my store... but especially when we talk about pressure cookers. Pressure cookers must withstand extremely high temperatures and internal pressures, and it is therefore very important to guarantee the quality of the pot. With Kuhn Rikon I am very calm, and I know that anyone who has one of his pots will be too, because it is a pot for life.

Surely you have heard of Kuhn Rikon pots. They are known by their name, "Duromatic". The first was developed in 1949, it was an immediate success and his name soon became synonymous with all pressure cookers.

It was the first product exported by Kuhn Rikon, and in these more than 60 years it has become the pot that all the Swiss have in their kitchen. Also in mine!

The Duromatic are still on the market today: the pot has been reinventing itself to be better every day.

But pots are today only a part of everything that Kuhn Rikon does: as I said before, all kinds of utensils and gadgets for the kitchen. And everything stands out for its design - the company is also famous for its numerous awards in the design of its products. Design and functionality are harmoniously combined according to the motto “Form follows function”. A great example of this is the fondue: it is perfect in its function, and exquisite in its design.

Anyway, with everything, I would like to tell you that Kuhn Rikon makes products of the highest quality and design, and you already know that this is transferred to the food.

Claudia Ferrer



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