Today I would like to talk to you about homemade pasta. It seems complicated to make and the truth is that it is not as difficult as it seems. I enjoy preparing it a lot and it is a guaranteed success at home :)

When I tell you how it is prepared and you will see how easy it is, you will not be able to stop making pasta at home!

First of all, you must prepare the dough with flour, oil, a little salt and eggs. Mix the flour and salt first and then add the oil and eggs and knead until it becomes a fine dough. We let it rest for 10 minutes and we can now stretch and cut it according to the type of pasta we want to prepare.

To stretch the dough we can use a rolling pin or a pasta machine. I have this machine from Marcato , an Italian firm that always stands out for its good products. Its body consists of smooth rollers to stretch the sheets and a cutting part for lasagne, fettucine (6.5 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm).

Photo: Marcato pasta machine

I also do colored and flavored pasta adding other ingredients such as spinach, paprika, beetroot broth, squid ink, saffron, spices in sufficient quantity to the dough. You already know that I love trying new things... and the truth is that I have cooked very interesting recipes.

The opening of the smooth rollers allows you to have access to 9 different positions (from 0.3 mm to 2.5 mm). I can prepare all kinds of pasta always using the same machine. It's a joy!

My children love ravioli and for this reason I got hold of this accessory to be able to prepare stuffed ravioli . It depends on the day I use some ingredients or others. Each dish is a surprise and my whole family is delighted.

Photo: Ravioli accessory

To cook fresh pasta, it takes less time than dry pasta: only about five minutes. Just boil it with water, oil and a pinch of salt and it will be delicious.

What do you think? Isn't it so complicated? I would like you to cheer up, try making pasta at home and tell me how it went :)


Mª Carmen said:

Hola ! Llevo toda la mañana enganchada a tu blog , me encanta la cocina y todo lo relacionada con ella . Yo soy unas de las que duda entre Thermomix y Kickinet , pero creo que hoy ya me has convencido, veo que la Kichinet también tiene los complementos para la pasta y raviolis , cual me recomiendas, esta de Marcato y el accesorio de raviolis o la de kichinet. Yo veo que esta deja el ravioli bien sellado y la otra me la la sensación de que no queda tan sellado. G
Gracias por este blog tan completo
M Carmen

Sonia said:

Que idea tan buena! a quien no le gusta la pasta rellena? ademas asi la puedes rellenar de tus ingredientes favoritos, en mi caso de queso gorgonzola y pera.. una auténtica delicia. Es cierto que se prepara en un pis pas y es mucho más fácil de lo que parece y además quedas como un super Chef ante tus invitados, :-)
Yo no le suelo poner sal en la harina para hacer la pasta ya que la salsa si suele llevar. Tomo nota del truco de la pasta de colores que pones arriba.. que divertido!! Mil gracias como siempre por este espacio donde compartir y aprender. Muaaaaaahhhhh

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