Our dear friend Stéphane Poussardin delights us this time with an ideal salad to take advantage of the kitchen siphon that many of us have at home. It is a light and fresh salad to surprise at home and beat the heat in the healthiest way. We also thank Delicooks for their collaboration. So we leave you with this recipe that we are sure you will love!


      • 150 gr. from mató de rag (creamy)
      • 90 ml of cream at 35%
      • 60 gr. quince
      • hazelnut oil
      • salt maldon
      • 1 1/2l siphon
      • 1 Gas charges

For the honey and hazelnut vinaigrette:

      • 60 gr. of honey
      • 100g. hazelnut oil
      • 3 C/c of ​​toasted flax soaked raw with water for 5 hours

Fresh Herb Leaves:

      • 8 mint leaves
      • 8 sheets anet
      • 8 coriander leaves
      • 8 leaves French parsley
      • 8 lemon balm leaves
      • 8 stevia leaves
      • 8 sheets of polyol
      • 8 rocket leaves
      • pansy flowers
      • 1 medium sweet potato
      • 100 gr. pumpkin violin
      • 50 gr. of cooked and peeled chestnuts


For the mató foam:

Put the Mató through the blender with the cream and a little salt, fill a siphon and put the gas charge.

For the honey and hazelnut vinaigrette.

Temper the honey in the microwave and gradually add the hazelnut oil, add the flax with a little of its water to obtain a gelatinous vinaigrette.

Dish assembly:

  1. Assemble the salad by putting the sweet potato cooked in the oven with its skin and previously crushed, the pumpkin turned with the small Parisian and boiled ball, the fresh herbs, the fried flower petals, the quince cut into small cubes and a cloud of foam. of killed
  2. Dress with the honey vinaigrette, hazelnuts and Maldon salt.
  3. You can also put crumbled chestnut.

Jordi Manero


Carmen Fernández Merino said:

Los ingredientes son casi para tener una huerta en casa, imposible.

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