Do you know how much illusion is distributed giving away a book of what is your little passion? Giving a cookbook as a gift may seem like a cliché but, honestly, I think that the right book can awaken a hidden desire, start a dreamy smile or become the reason to start a new stage. Because we all have some whims, some desires or some illusions related to cooking, and there is a great variety of books - I'm sure that the right book can surprise you in many cases!

Since the most far-sighted have been contacting us for days to answer questions about some books, hoping to hit the mark and surprise on International Book Day, and since I really want to share some ideas that have worked very well for me when I wanted to do a gift, I'm talking to you today about some books from the store that I hope will inspire you.

The first one I would like to name is Julia Child's The Art of French Cooking . There are two volumes, and if you want that loved one who loves cooking to have one of the most well-known and recognized "kitchen bibles", this is a wonderful gift - I assure you that it will become their little treasure. In it you will find not only recipes but an explanation of all kinds of techniques and secrets to learn the basics and the essentials to be a good chef, explained in detail and in a very understandable way, and it is useful both for those who want to start cooking and for those who already have advanced knowledge in the field.

Speaking of bibles, " The Weber Barbecue Bible " is an ideal book to surprise that family member or friend who loves to cook outside. It is a fabulous book and it gives many ideas to get the most out of the barbecue.

For that mother wanting to make the little ones enjoy this summer, or for that young person wanting to make their own ice cream, the Quick Pops book is fun, entertaining and gives lots of ideas. I have succeeded on several occasions giving away a Zoku refrigerator along with the book!

Zoku Quick Pops Ice Cream Book and The Weber BBQ Bible

If you have heard someone say "someday I want to make my own bread at home!" or if you know of someone who you think might be their next step. You will surprise him in a big way with a book to learn how to make bread! Do you know how nice it is to make it at home? Those who know how to appreciate it enjoy it a lot, and face the task with great enthusiasm. To cover this desire, I recommend the books by Iván Yarza, both " Homemade bread " and " Do we make bread? " They are ideal for delving into this world, with clear explanations and a most accurate learning evolution.

Related to homemade products, there are two more very noteworthy books: the one by the Simili sisters to make fresh pasta at home -there is no book like it to learn about the subject; and the book from the Garden to the pantry , to learn how to preserve food, the methods of drying and canning.

bread books

Homemade Bread book and special edition of Homemade Bread (with visuals) by Ibán Yarza, Shall We Make Bread? by Alma Obregón and Ibán Yarza and fresh pasta by the Simili Sisters

And we delve into the books that can be more about cooking or recipes in general. There are many and very varied, but that you want to highlight and that can be for profiles of people who may interest you, is:

-Vegetables in many ways , a book without photos, short recipes and explained in the simplest way to end up showing you hundreds and hundreds of varied, simple, delicious and healthy recipes. The book goes through a multitude of vegetables and goes through different ways to cook them and get the most out of them, enjoying a healthy and varied cuisine: salads, rice dishes, soups, with stews, meat, fish...

- The Vegetarian Gourmet , an award-winning book for its great work in discovering intense flavors and delicious contrasts, and so rich in proposals that it is highly recommended for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

- ZeroGluten , I would say that it is a diamond in the rough: despite not being one of the best known and being initially designed so that people with celiac disease can enjoy cooking in a big way, I certainly recommend it to non-celiacs as well. In its 192 pages, it proposes delicious recipes to prepare entire menus, from starters to main courses and delicious desserts.

- Kitchen with a stick, by our beloved Martín Berasategui. In its pages you will find a wide variety of recipes for your daily life that are really rich in flavor, with photos of the steps to follow that give confidence and clarify concepts, and tricks from the great master to round off the dish 100%. From first courses to seconds with fish or meat, and desserts, it is a very good proposal to learn and enjoy.

- Healthy recipes for every day , by the well-known Jamie Oliver, is a really fresh and dynamic book: in its pages you will find recipes with a lot of flavor and color: energetic and healthy breakfasts, such as fruit cups with nut milk, cereal bars or buns with cottage cheese, ham, mushrooms and tomato; dishes as varied as scrambled eggs with tomato, cheese and basil to roasted mackerel with mustard or delicious green or pasta salads; and the most appetizing snacks and drinks, from colored eggs to nut butter, cookies with seeds, fun yogurt and fruit ice creams or flavored waters. All this with great photos and very clear recipes, to be enjoyed with a type of healthy, innovative, attractive cuisine that is very accessible to all levels of knowledge.

1. Kitchen with a club by Martín Berasategui ; 2. My Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsay ; 3. Italian cuisine and 4. Healthy recipes for every day , both by Jamie Oliver

- Italian cuisine , also by Jamie Oliver, is ideal to make those who say they are lovers of Italian gastronomy smile and can enjoy discovering the wide variety of dishes that exist in it. Typically Italian soups, pasta, risottos, salads, fish, meat and sweets. A complete recipe book in which you will find recipes explained in a very simple way with which to enjoy its results to the full.

- My home cooking , by the popular Gordon Ramsay, is a book for lovers of cooking and good food. His proposals focus on traditional dishes but with a modern touch, all recipes accessible to all levels of cooking to obtain homemade dishes very rich in flavor and some element that surprises as much as it enchants: broccoli cream with stilton cheese and pear, pasta with bacon, peas and sage, grilled vegetable lasagna, couscous with chorizo ​​and broad beans, rice with pistachios and almonds, stuffed sea bream wrapped with bacon, fish croquettes, red mullet with olives and anchovies, chicken thighs braised with honey and spices, spinach or mushroom and parmesan tart, or crunchy coffee and almond cake! These are just some of the many recipes that will captivate you with their great combination and easy preparation.

I hope that among these proposals you will find the right one for that person who loves cooking, creating or eating that you want to surprise.

Finally, there is a very special book, the " Salud de la Botica del Señor ". It is a soft cover book that summarizes all of María Treben's learning in terms of natural medicine. In it you will find all kinds of natural remedies focused on medicinal plants for all kinds of conditions and ailments. It helps us both to identify these plants and to know how to manage them correctly. If you are interested in this topic, want to know more or have an interested acquaintance, I think it is worth taking a look to see if the saying "that your food is your medicine and that your medicine is your food" is true.

Note: You can check all the books we have in the Cookbooks section .

Kitchen Craft Book and Tablet Stand

Claudia Ferrer


Claudia said:

Hola Margarita, sí, el de cocina italiana tiene recetas realmente deliciosas (y viciosas!). A ver si pronto incorporamos uno de Stephane Poussardin en el que ves opciones con el sifón ;)

Claudia said:

Gracias Mar por compartir tu experiencia!! Sí, la verdad es que el de Ibáñez es fabuloso para aprender a hacer pan. Pies tienes que probar con el que tiene junto a Alma, propone combinaciones fabulosas y también muy accesibles a todos los niveles :) ya nos contarás! Saludos!

Margarita said:

Vaia pasada de libros,el de pasta de Jamie Oliver debe estar genial,tal vez me de el capricho.
Busco 1 libro q tenga recetas con sifón y es imposible de localizar.alguien me puede ayudar. Un millón de gracias.

Mar said:

Yo tengo el de Iban Yarza “Pan casero” y el que tiene además con Alma y éste último no lo he “estrenado” aún, pero el primero es una pasada. Es exacto en sus recetas. Si las sigues al pie de la letra, salen perfectas.

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