I bring a cake for the very chocolate lovers. Neither more nor less, because this chocolate and coconut cake is the most intense in cocoa flavor . The filling marries perfectly with the coconut base, which I find most beautiful.

Here where you see it, this chocolate cake recipe is very easy to make. I say it from my heart: it is a perfect option to present a colorful and rich dessert, but without any complications, because in a few minutes you will have the base made, and the filling is as simple as mixing cream and chocolate in a saucepan.

Do you dare to try? I got the idea of ​​using the coconut base from an old recipe by the well-known Martha Stewart. The truth is that I think that the "fluffy" finish of the coconut gives it a most beautiful and elegant appearance. And I, who am a total coconut lover, could not resist making my version. I hope you like it.

Chocolate and coconut cake


For the base:

  • 75 g softened butter
  • 230 gr of grated coconut
  • 2 tbsp of white sugar

For the filling:

  • 300 ml of whipping cream (35% mg)
  • 225 g fondant chocolate*
  • Salt flakes (optional, to decorate)
*If you use confectionery fondant chocolate, a really intense chocolate flavor remains, ideal for the most gourmands. If you want it suitable for the little ones in the house or you want to reduce the intensity of the cocoa flavor, use chocolate with a lower percentage of cocoa or reduce the amount of chocolate.
    Easy recipe for coconut and chocolate cake


    1. Preheat the oven to 190ºC.
    2. Cut the butter into cubes and mix it with the sugar. Once integrated, mix it with the grated coconut (help yourself with your hands to mix everything well).
    3. Add the mixture to the 23 cm skillet, previously smeared with butter. Distribute and squeeze the mixture well all over the base, and also take part of the mixture to the sides, but leaving the upper edges loose and fluffy.
    4. Cover the edges with aluminum foil, loosely, and place the skillet in the oven. Bake the base until the coconut is golden brown (about 10 or 15 minutes), then remove the aluminum ring and bake for another 5 minutes, until the edges are also golden. Remove from the oven and turn it off.
    5. While the dough loses temperature, prepare the filling. Cut the chocolate into pieces and put them in an aluminum bowl. In a saucepan, heat the whipping cream, and when it starts to boil, pour it over the chocolate. With the help of a spatula, mix the cream with the chocolate until it is completely melted. You will see that little by little you get a homogeneous dark brown mixture.
    6. Pour the chocolate mixture into the coconut base. Refrigerate until set (approx. 1 hour; you can leave it up to 1 day).
    7. Before serving, sprinkle flakes of salt on top: they will not only decorate, they will also help to reduce the intense flavor of the chocolate, making it suitable for all audiences... And the contrast suits it fabulously, believe me!
    Chocolate and coconut cake


      If you don't have a skillet, use a low ceramic pan of the same size, such as a quiche pan. For this type of dough, you can also use a low perforated mold.


      Larraitz said:

      Hola! Hemos hecho la tarta en casa y esta buenísima, muchas gracias. Me pregunto si esta misma base de coco quedaría bien para una tarta helada de fresa (con mascarpone…) un saludo

      Claudia said:

      Querida Patri!! Mil gracias de corazón!

      Claudia said:

      Hola Charo, pues se rompería lo más probable. De querer desmoldarlate recomiendo mezclar el coco con una cantidad algo superior de mantequilla, y usar un molde desmoldable para que quede en la base o poder retirarla más fáclmente (en la skillet no te da para poder desmoldar bien, está pensada para servir directamente. Saludos!!

      Patry de Sabores y Momentos said:

      Bruuuutal Claudia!!! Me chifla esta propuesta de tarta, súper original y las fotos muy chulas!!!! ;)
      Besitos guapisima!!!

      Charo said:

      Se puede desmoldar o se rompería?

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