I'm excited! I think it is what best defines what I feel after having Le Creuset oval mini-cocottes, exclusively in Spain! And I think that it is not for less, since we are a very small company, but they have given us this vote of confidence, and it makes us very happy.

As you well know, we already had the 10cm diameter round mini-cocottes . But the fact is that a couple of clients had asked us for the oval ones , which they had seen in France. We ask them for them, and already we request to have the product for us. Wish granted!

What do we love about ovals ? To begin with its design –it is the shape of the most traditional cocotte-; followed by its capacity, which is greater than that of the round mini-cocottes (0.3ml for the oval ones compared to 0.2ml for the round ones); And to top it off, the price: The same as the round ones despite being a bit bigger!

Some wonder what to use mini-cocottes for. I think the answer is so broad that Le Creuset even wrote a book for it.

Mini-cocottes are excellent for serving individual dishes, achieving an excellent presentation. They are ceramic, so we can put them in the oven and in the microwave. It is said of them "from oven to table to refrigerator" (from the oven to the table and to the fridge), and it is that they are excellent for serving first courses or desserts, and they also serve to store what is left over. Some also use them to store spices or other ingredients.

And what dishes can I serve in a mini-cocotte? Appetizers, individually cooked lasagna, soups or creams, salads, shrimp cocktails, recipes made with eggs... Everything that tradition or creativity invites you to do. We would also need to talk about desserts, but I think you already have an idea for yourself, right?

I would not want to end this writing without emphasizing the quality and elegance of this Le Creuset product. You win over diners just by serving lunch or dinner in these mini-wonders!

Jordi Manero


Myriam said:

Yo las compré hace poco y son una monada. Las vi en vuestra página y fue amor a primera vista. Solo he podido usarlas para servir una sopita y arroz con leche (no he tenido tiempo para más) y la presentación fue fantástica.
Les he hecho hueco en un aparador de la cocina para lucirlas.

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