Le Creuset has always enamored us with the use it makes of cast iron and its fabulous cocottes, with their characteristic design and such high quality. Well, with these two qualities it has made us fall in love again, but this time with stainless steel: it launched the Le Creuset Inox range, which is spreading everywhere due to its high performance and beautiful design (and that shine that has no equal!).

Luisa Morón, author of the blog Cocinando con mi Carmela , has some of the articles in the collection since it was launched, and today she gives us her opinion about it, which you will surely find interesting.

We have known the Le Creuset brand and its famous iron cocottes for a long time, but a few months ago they launched the new stainless steel range . Since I saw it advertised I did not hesitate, I had to get hold of some of the pieces. I am an unconditional fan of the brand, in love with cocottes, and knowing the quality with which they work, I was sure that these new steel pots would not disappoint me, and they have.

In the first place, when buying a piece for the kitchen that is as important and used as much as a pot, frying pan or saucepan, I pay close attention to its design. In this case, I think the aesthetic is more than approved: Le Creuset has based itself on its traditional, precious and successful cocottes to design the lids for this collection. As we are so accustomed to its design, this collection undoubtedly attracts attention: you have to look at it once and twice to understand that it is not the traditional iron cocotte, but a stainless steel pot.

But its aesthetics does not end in a beautiful lid, what makes it very special is the quality of its enamel: it has an ornate shine that you only find in these pieces, and due to its quality they are guaranteed to maintain this characteristic for years (in fact, Le Creuset provides a lifetime guarantee!).

As I have been able to read, each piece is made of stainless steel in three layers (stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel), in this way the heat will spread evenly and reaches the upper part of the edges (the whole piece has of this structure, not just the base). I can assure you that you will obtain excellent results in cooking.

Another thing I look for in stainless steel pots is that once you scrub them they don't get stained and so far it's the only one that has achieved this and it's thanks to the titanium it contains, it resists discoloration and stains. In addition, the mirror effect of the finish that I mentioned before makes it a good proposal to present it on your table.

You can use it on any type of cooker, including induction hobs, and you can even put it in the oven to finish a stew.

It is perfect for daily use in your kitchen, for lifelong stews. A low fire, to cook pasta or vegetables...

The Inox Le Creuset range

The Le Creuset Inox collection is made up of pots, saucepans, frying pans and saucepans. All of them, with the exception of the frying pan, have this lid that makes the range so characteristic of Le Creuset.

One of the items to highlight is the Sauté, a really versatile and practical product, not easy to find: it is a combination between a frying pan and a saucepan (some describe it as a frying pan with high walls). Its size makes it suitable for many things: saute vegetables, stir-fry, braise, stew, fry, roast...

As shown, stainless steel sauté by Le Creuset


I leave you with the somewhat more technical characteristics that all the articles in the Le Creuset stainless steel range meet, you will find it interesting:

- Undoubtedly a feature to highlight are its ergonomic handles and handles: they have an excellent grip, which also provides greater safety; and they also have a hollow interior to reduce the effect of heat.

- Lid with hole that controls the flow of steam in order to avoid overflows. Its lace keeps the lid firmly in place.

- Resistant up to 260 °C.

- Glossy exterior/Matt interior.

- Capacity marker inside the utensils.

- As a feature but also as a curiosity, you should know that the edges are designed to prevent splashes, and can be used by left- or right-handed people.

- Reinforced with titanium to prevent discoloration.

- Knob suitable for temperatures up to 260 °C.

- Compatible with all heat sources, including induction hobs, and dishwasher safe.

If you want to discover more about this collection, you can see the post that was made when this collection was launched on the market ( here )

Tips and instructions for use

The entire collection is made of stainless steel, with all that this implies:

When cooking with the pot, saucepans or sauté, we usually have to take into account that when cooking we must use the correct temperature, at a medium and low temperature. This will make it have excellent performance and will also allow us to clean it correctly and the residues will come out easily.

In the case of the frying pan, where we will normally make grilled, fried or tortillas, you will want to heat the pan very hot to avoid sticking. In this case, use high heat to heat it, and lower it when you introduce the food.

The kitchen with stainless steel utensils is ideal for a healthy diet, and we can use little oil when cooking, and the vitamins and nutrients of the food will be preserved.

Lastly, and something that I value very much, the distribution of heat is so good that the utensils heat up much faster, thus saving cooking time and saving energy.

When handling utensils you should use a glove or kitchen towel when they are hot, and when handling food always use wooden or silicone spatulas to avoid damaging the surface.

Get inspired by some recipes

Now you just have to see some of our recipes to finish falling in love. I encourage you to see:

- Tagliatelle with chanterelles , prepared in the precious sauté,

- or some sautéed peas , which you can see on my blog.

I hope that all this information helps you to get some of the utensils in this collection, since it is a product for life. A good collection for your kitchen, which you will even want to leave on display in your kitchen to show it off!


MARIA said:

Hola, me gustaría me aclaráseis, ( ya que será mi primera sartén de acero inoxidable), cual elegir. La de Buyer Afinity de 28 cms o la Le Croisset de 28 cm ( con asa accesoria aparte del mango). Es que estoy dudando y en muchos vídeos , sale más la Buyer. Me gustaría me orientárais. Gracias.

María C. González said:

Tengo una cocotte ovalada esmaltada Le Creuser que os compré hace unos años y que utilizo mucho en el horno. ¿Podríais confirmarme si puedo cocinar con ella sobre las brasas?
Un saludo
María González

Dinorah Juarez said:

Hola, compre unos sartenes lecrouset y un cazo, los sartenes tienen esmaltado tipo porcelana y otro mas es negro por dentro como si fuera antiaderente pero no lo es, creo que ha sido mi peor inversion, por los cuatro piezas pague alrededor de 2500 euros por todo y ha sido un total fiasco, el caso se le levanto el esmaltado,estaba friendo arroz y de pronto empezo a crijir, se levanto todo es esmaltado y por logico ya no sirve, quiza para hervir leche o agua, peso solo para eso, no me animaria a preparar algun alimento en el, los sartenes grandes, los que compre con mucho afan porque dije: si pesa taaanto, es excelente, pero no!!!, se pega todo y se empezo a rayar aunque utilizo cuchara de madera, el sarten plano, uno que parece que fuera para crepas, ni se diga, se le pega hasta el agua, no los recomiendo, son pesimos aparte de carisimos, la marca le crouset son asquerosamente malos, ojala que antes de comprarlos las personas se enteraran que solo son caros, porque de calidad, de calidad no tienen nada. Saludos.

Antonio said:

Hola, tengo un problema con las sartenes inox Le Creuset, tengo el pack de tres sartenes y tengo un problema con las manchas que quedan después de lavarlas y secarlas, no hay manera de quitarlas, he probado hasta con bicarbonato y no salen (parece que están incrustadas en el metal).
Si alguien ha tenido éste problema me gustaría que lo comentara, tambien me gustaría saber si el fabricante garantiza este tipo de problema.

Claudia said:

Hola Ángeles, la verdad es que es una colección muy bonita y de gran calidad. Puedes ver cada uno de los productos aquí: http://www.claudiaandjulia.com/collections/coleccion-inox-le-creuset

Gracias por el interés y un saludo!

Claudia said:

Hola Bárbara, esta gama no lleva antiadherentes, se trata de un conjunto de acero inoxidable. Cocinar en acero inoxidable tiene su qué, pero es muy saludable. Si quieres puedes ver cómo cocinar en éste para que no se pegue en este artículo: http://www.claudiaandjulia.com/blogs/general/26389764-cocinar-con-sartenes-de-acero-inoxidable.

Por otro lado y en cuanto al uso de la cocotte, que comentas que se te pega, es importante no sólo cocinar a fuego medio/bajo, sino calentarlo poco a poco, y remover al principio para que se impregne todo bien con el aceite o jugos que puedas tener en la olla. Espero que esta información te sea de ayuda. Un saludo! Claudia

Ángeles said:

Me parece escepcional todas su características lo he buscado en el catálogo y no lo encuentro , donde puedo ver el precio?


Me gustaría saber si son realmente antiadherentes. Tengo las cocottes de hierro fundido y a veces se me pega el sofrito y los guisos, estando el fuego al mínimo. Gracias

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