In summer, the queen of salads at home is this recipe for onion marinated in oil and vinegar, which we accompany with tuna . It is not about tuna with onions, a recipe in which the proportion of tuna is higher than that of onion.

I'm not telling you a lie if I tell you that in summer we always have a container of onion in oil in the fridge, and we make this recipe very often, not to say every day -when it's not a first course it's a bit of a starter, and if not It is our dinner or a snack -It is very light and refreshing!

The important thing is that the onion is tender and soft, so I'll leave you my ritual to marinate it so that it turns out great and ready to mix with the tuna.

Marinated onion and tuna salad

Laura Ashley bowls and Pallarès chef knife


To marinate the onion:

  • spring onions (amount to taste)
  • Water
  • White wine vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

For the onion and tuna salad:

  • macerated onions
  • tuna or bonito
  • Balsamic vinegar


We marinate the onions:

  1. Remove the ends of the onions and cut them vertically. We then cut it into thin slices, either with the help of a mandolin or with a sharp knife.
  2. We pass the onion through water and drain several times. We leave it in a container covered with water with a good amount of wine vinegar (a very generous stream).
  3. After a few hours, we go through water again, we leave it in water with vinegar again, but with less proportion of water.
  4. We remove the water again, without rinsing it, and leave it in the container with a generous stream of oil and apply salt. Mix and store in the fridge.

Prepare the salad:

When we want to enjoy the salad, we take the amount of onion we want and add the tuna or tuna. We apply a jet of oil if we see fit and add a jet of Modena vinegar.


Tuna and onion salad

Chef knife and Pallarès fork and Galo Mercadé oil can


  • You can prepare the salad, with the tuna, a little before the meal and leave it in the fridge so that it is all fresh, but I do not recommend it for pure aesthetic reasons: over the hours, the tuna loses its beautiful color and it darkens, especially if it absorbs the Modena vinegar. Hence, I usually prepare it shortly before eating it.
  • To serve it, you can use a bowl (I have used Laura Ashley's ) or a colored ceramic plate -since it is a very light salad, the truth is that it will look great on colored plates.

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