Carmen, from the gastronomic blog Yerbabuena in the kitchen , brings us an oriental-inspired recipe that will allow us to fill the house with exotic aromas and surprise our diners. It is a very easy recipe to prepare, do you dare to try?

Asian cuisine is very rich and varied and although it is widespread throughout the world, it does not cease to amaze, given the amount of nuances and contrasts depending on the area you visit.

Anise, fennel, cinnamon, Sechuan pepper and ginger are the five Chinese spices, which you can find in Asian establishments already prepared in the right proportions, which are the base of this dish and which will fill your kitchen with these intense aromas even before preparing it. .

If you like to travel, even through the senses and emotions, you cannot miss this Cantonese or Sechuan chicken, if you don't know it, it will surprise you and if you have already tried it, surely you will not stop doing it. Crispy, sweet, salty, spicy, intense, colourful... Come on, endless sensations in a single bite!

If you add to all this the simplicity of its preparation... could you ask for anything more? Just a good cast iron skillet that reaches and maintains a constant and even temperature, like my Skillet Le Creuset . It is so beautiful that you can even present it directly on the table.

Grab some chopsticks, close your eyes and get ready to travel!


1 Kg. Boneless chicken buttocks

2 Tablespoons Chinese 5 Spice

120g. Flour to coat

Olive oil for frying

1 red pepper

1 spring onion or a bunch of Chinese spring onions

1 fresh chilli

75g. Sugar

125 ml. Soy sauce

25 ml. Rice vinegar


toasted sesame

A handful of peanuts previously toasted in the pan


Cut the vegetables into large julienne. Add a couple of tablespoons of oil to the pan and sauté the pepper and spring onion over high heat for two minutes. We withdraw and reserve.

Mix the flour with the 5 Chinese spices, cut the chicken into regular cubes and coat it. Meanwhile, we heat oil in the Skillet pan . When it starts to smoke, add the chicken and cook until golden. We withdraw and reserve.

We clean the pan and make a golden caramel with the sugar. Then add the chicken and sugar it a little. Add the soy sauce and rice vinegar and let it reduce for two or three minutes.

Add the vegetables, the previously toasted peanuts and the sliced ​​chilli. Let cook for a few minutes, remove and sprinkle with toasted sesame and coriander.

We present directly in the Skillet .


Angela said:

Es increíble lo rico que sale, digno de restaurante!

JIMI吴 said:


kape1962 said:

Excelente receta. La he probado y aunque no me haya quedado igual que a ti seguro, nos supo muy rico.
Me encanta poner en practica todas tus recetas.

Carmen said:

Francisco si vives en Madrid en la calle General Margallo en la zona de Tetuan esta llena de tiendas donde puedes comprarlas.

Francisco said:

Me podéis concretar un poco las 5 especias chinas y no se donde podría comprarlas.

carmen said:

Noelia… te recomiendo esta receta… estoy totalmente segura que te va a gustar. Un besazoooooo

noelia said:

Me encanta Carmen!! Sabes que soy súper fan de tus recetas internacionales, la harė seguro.

noelia said:

Me encanta Carmen!! Sabes que soy súper fan de tus recetas internacionales, la harė seguro.

carmen said:

Las 5 especias chinas las encuentras en establecimientos asiáticos.

belen said:

5 especias chinas

donde se encuentra?

Almudena said:

La mezcla de las especias, el sabor del cilantro, los frutos secos tostados…me encanta este tipo de platos orientales! Qué gran puesta en escena Carmen; un estilismo de primer nivel. Enhorabuena y Feliz año :)

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