Those of you who know me already know my unconditional love for Le Creuset cocottes . I love cooking with them, not only because of how well the recipes turn out, but also because of what it means to use an icon of French cuisine. The ritual of taking a cocotte off the shelf, preheating the oven and starting to prepare the ingredients always makes me smile, because it is usually the prelude to a special meal with my family or guests.

Le Creuset has managed to perfectly preserve the essence and characteristics of iron cocottes over the years, and this time it has presented a new model, called Evolution (also called Signature in other countries), which preserves everything we love of the cocottes and improves some details:

  • Larger handles to be able to hold and transport the cocotte from the oven to the table with greater comfort and safety, even with oven gloves.
  • Vitrified interior more resistant to stains, wear and scratches. It is also easier to clean than traditional vitrified.
  • New lid design with a better fit to retain moisture and flavor inside the cocotte. It also has a more ergonomic knob that is comfortable to hold.

You can now buy the new Evolution cocottes in our store in their round , low and oval cocotte versions. Also, the new cocottes come with new colors that I'm sure you'll love!

Claudia Ferrer


Pilar said:

Me gustan mucho

Pilar said:

Me encantan las cazuelas soy una fan

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