Most of us are attracted to baked recipes, easy to prepare and result. Miriam, author of The Winter Guest , brings us today one that everyone will undoubtedly like. Super-tasty and with minimal complication, you cannot stop seeing it.

I'm a big fan of chicken in almost any way, it's a meat that's the same for a ripped as for a ripped one, right? And I especially like chicken recipes like this one, very simple and that are prepared in the oven, because you put everything in a dish and you almost completely forget about it until the chicken is ready. If you plan well so that the roast ends just at lunchtime, you have a great set with minimal effort.

I recommend that you buy a good free-range chicken, which not only has more flavor but is also fattier than those from more industrial breeding. You will see that this recipe does not contain any added fat, but if the chicken is of quality you will not miss it, because all the fat that the chicken releases during such a long roast goes into the sauce and the result is delicious. bread and dip, never better said, in the sauce.

And another piece of advice: be careful with the wine you use because given the few ingredients this simple recipe has, it greatly contributes to the flavor. The wine does not have to be very good, but there are very decent white wines for a reasonable price. By this I mean don't put Tetra Brik wine, let's not skimp so much, because it shows in the final result.


1 ¼ kg of chicken in pieces (or thighs, drumsticks, etc.)

400 ml of white wine

1 good splash of vinegar (and I have used sherry vinegar)


Herbs to taste to sprinkle (I like to put thyme and rosemary)


I like to do this chicken at a low temperature. We put all the chicken pieces, well cleaned and salted, in a wide baking dish (I used the Le Creuset non-stick baking tray ). We sprinkle the herbs to our liking. We water the chicken with the white wine, add a splash of vinegar and add a little more salt to the bottom of the dish.

We cover the dish with aluminum foil and put the chicken in the oven heated to 130° (with air) / 150° (without air) for two and a half hours. Yes, it seems like a long time and it is, but this way the chicken is cooked over low heat and is very tender.

After that time we remove the aluminum foil and raise the oven temperature to 170° (with air) / 190° (without air) so that the chicken browns and the skin is crispy. We roast another hour in total, turning the pieces over halfway through that time so that they are done evenly.

When the chicken is well browned, we take it out of the oven and cover it again with aluminum foil; We let it rest for about 10 minutes before serving, the wise say that this serves to rehydrate the outer layers of the meat after drying out from the heat of the oven. Enjoy.

Claudia Ferrer


rosa gil said:

Seguro que lo pruebo mmmmm un trocete de pan mojaba yo ahora en esa salsa

Rosa said:

Me encanta la receta! A fuego lento, mmmm seguro que se deshace en la boca. Yo también soy muy fan del pollo y de las recetas facilitas como esta, la haré seguro. Gracias

Maite said:

hasta aquí me llega el olor de lo bueno que debe estar. Le voy a poner un vino rico verdejo que tengo y mi cocotte de le creuset y exito total seguro. Gracias

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