Not long ago we incorporated products for the table that have attracted a lot of attention. As you often ask us about these products, I have decided to give you a brief explanation of what Tokyo Design Studio is.

Tokyo Design Studio is the brand of a Dutch company, CNB enterprises, with more than 30 years of existence and that is 100% inspired and produced in Japan. Due to its designs, it may surprise that it is not Japanese, but I am convinced that this is the fact that has helped the most to create such successful elements of the brand: they have united the tradition and functionality of Japan with a modern and European touch. Success is served!

Although, if I have to be honest, I think the great success of the brand is that, with their striking designs, they have aroused the desire to bring a lot of style to the table. Whoever sees them only thinks one thing "I love them!", because the brand offers collections of very varied styles, which many different profiles will like, but all of them are very functional. We are talking about plates, cups, bowls, trays... all of this at surprising prices, given that we are talking about very high-quality ceramic products with very good finishes.

To my knowledge, there are two interesting aspects of Tokyo Design Studio. The first, which both allows you to have everyday pieces with which you will add color and joy to your meals, as well as offers pieces that you will want to take advantage of to serve at a more committed dinner. The second, which allows you to generate the composition that suits you best, both in terms of pieces, as well as colors - the same collection offers different variations. Thus, the brand accommodates a truly varied audience: for younger spirits, for those who want a more elegant table, for those who seek uniformity or for those who want to give the touch with curious combinations. Let me show you some of the collections we have.

The first collection I fell in love with was the Fleur de Ligne collection. I find it traditional but its design has something different and little seen, and together with the combination of its pieces with white interior and other blue ones makes each one look even more.

Then I saw the cups . You may think that I am in my thirties and I like such classic styles, but I loved them! That English and classic air, with its wavy edges but that huge handle that gives it personality.

tokyo design products

Fleur de Ligne collection and mug type cup

After them, I began to investigate more about the brand, and I couldn't stop looking at the Seigaiha ranges (attractive to the core, valid both for day-to-day use and for making a table shine on a festive day) and the Green Cosmos (discreet, elegant, very Japanese, and I would even say very zen!).

tokyo design ranges

Plate from the Green Cosmos collection and Seigaiha collection

Another collection that has stolen my heart is the textured one . Nothing to do with the others: this one is characterized by its pastel colors and discreet reliefs - lines, points or pentagons depending on the model, on fabulous plates, bowls and cups. It is a sweet, warm, beautiful collection!

Finally, I saw the two most casual collections that we have, the Nippon Blue and the Star Wave. Combining the designs that each of them offers results in a truly different and beautiful collection for the kitchen and table.

tokyo design collections

Textured , Nippon Blue and Star Wave collections

Why not start the day with cereals in a nice and cheerful bowl? Why not make the coffee in a very colorful cup? Why not have a beautiful collection to serve salads, appetizers or show off the fruit in the kitchen? We make many meals at home, and it is a pleasure and a joy to enjoy the moment. Undoubtedly with a nice crockery and accessories one enjoys a little more.

Claudia Ferrer


MAR said:

Tazas Fleur de ligne, son realmente bonitas, la verdad es que da hasta pena usarlas, pero tienen un tamaño ideal para tomar un té o un café con leche, y se pueden lavar en el lavaplatos como indica la pegatina que llevan. Gracias por acercarnos objetos tan especiales, y como siempre un 10 para vuestro servicio

Claudia said:

Muchas gracias, Ana, feliz de que te gusten!

Ana said:

Las colecciones son preciosas y totalmente especiales. Buena elección

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