Our friend Miriam García, from El Invitado de Invierno , has used the Kitchen Craft meat grinder to surprise us with some grilled golden kebabs. A curious, easy and really tasty recipe.

Kebab, kabab, kebap, kephav... in all these ways, in different countries of the Mediterranean Levant and the Middle East, food is named, usually strung on a skewer or skewer, which is cooked in pieces over hot coals.

Of the meat kebabs, I particularly like those made with minced meat, in the form of a more or less elongated meatloaf, like a sausage without the skin. And those are the ones that I bring you, some minced meat and onion kebabs in the Persian (or Iranian) style, well spiced and golden on the grill, in my case, which is more comfortable than lighting a barbecue and you can do it in any season of the year. anus.

In the Middle East it is very common to prepare skewers of this type with lamb meat, which are delicious. In our country you don't usually find minced lamb meat, but we can chop it ourselves if we have a mincer as cool as mine. The recipe is adapted from this one from Saveur magazine; the grated onion gives it a special flavor and a lot of juiciness, and the final touch of the saffron butter seems delicious and essential; don't stop putting it on.


500 g of beef or lamb,

1 spring onion or medium onion,

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 egg yolk,

½ tsp. of turmeric,

½ tsp. hot paprika,

2 tsp. of salt,

bread crumbs,

a few threads of saffron,

1 tbsp. of butter.


We start by chopping the meat, if we don't have it chopped. If we do not have a manual mincer, we can always mince it with a knife, but it is laborious.

We grate the onion or crush it a lot; it will release liquid so it is convenient to put it in a strainer and let it rest for at least an hour.

Squeeze the onion between two kitchen papers to finish removing the liquid and mix it with the minced meat in a bowl.

Add all the spices and seasonings, except the saffron, butter and breadcrumbs, as well as the egg yolk. Mix well until smooth.

Then add some breadcrumbs, just enough so that the mixture does not ooze excess liquid; when stirring the mixture should barely stain the bowl with liquid. I don't give amount of breadcrumbs because it depends on the meat and how moist the onion was; you have to try until the mixture is firm enough.

We are taking balls the size of an apricot and modeling elongated meatballs that we will be clicking on metal skewers. Once on the skewers, we can carefully roll the meatballs on a board to make them thinner, while pressing the meat on the skewer.

Once all the skewers are assembled, prepare the saffron butter: lightly toast the saffron (I put it on a little piece of aluminum foil and apply a match underneath), we mash it well in a mortar and add the teaspoon of hot water and followed by the tablespoon of melted butter. Mix and reserve.

Just before cooking the kebabs we brush them with the saffron butter. We can cook them well on a griddle, which should lack high edges to make it more comfortable, either on the barbecue if we have the opportunity, or on the grill on a high level of the oven. To do it in this last way we will turn on the grill to the maximum, we will let it heat up to the top and we will put the skewers on a tray in the highest level of the oven. We will cook the kebabs on both sides until they are golden brown. Cooking must be done with very strong heat and quickly so that the meat is well sealed on the outside and the juices do not escape.

When removing the skewers, brush them again lightly with the saffron butter. We serve them immediately accompanied by a salad or Middle Eastern style rice.

Jordi Manero

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