With the advent of pellet barbecues, the barbecue revolution has arrived : Can you imagine cooking with all the flavor of burning natural wood, but without the need or time required to grill, being able to control the temperature in at all times and with the spaciousness and comfort of a good barbecue area? All of this is what Traeger pellet barbecues offer. Choose the pellet, press a button and in ten minutes you will be making the best barbecue you can imagine.

Barbecues and more, much more! Take note because I have a lot of information about pellet barbecues that I would love to share with you in this post, in which we are going to see:

  1. What are pellet barbecues
  2. How pellet barbecues work
  3. Results always equally tasty
  4. Traeger Barbecues, the number 1 pellet barbecues
  5. What a difference to Traeger barbecues
  6. What you can cook on a Traeger barbecue
  7. How to choose your ideal Traeger barbecue
  8. Traeger barbecue pellets
  9. The Traeger Community
  10. The Traeger Universe

I hope you find my opinion on pellet barbecues and all the information about how they work useful. Let's hope you become a lover of the Traeger style like me!

Traeger pellet barbecues

What are pellet barbecues

Barbecues, in general and in a traditional way, are outdoor utensils in which firewood or charcoal is deposited and, on an upper rack, all kinds of food are cooked in a natural way and with the great addition of that aroma of roasting. and such a characteristic smoky point.

Thus, traditional barbecues work based on burning coal or wood . It is simple and cheap. The big but is the time and inconvenience that their ignition usually requires.

Due to the time and difficulties that charcoal barbecues required , gas barbecues appeared. Comfortable and practical, they are barbecues that you will quickly have in operation, since the gas ignition is immediate (just as you can light a gas stove, you light the barbecue). But they have a big but, especially for lovers of authentic barbecue: in the result of their cooking they lack that smoky point that can only be left by burning charcoal or natural firewood.

And this is where pellet barbecues appear: pellet barbecues, whose origin was born in the Traeger that we are talking about today, are barbecues that provide that unique authentic flavor of barbecue thanks to the smoke and flavor of burning natural wood. (the pellet), and also integrate the comfort and ease of gas barbecues, since they are turned on with a button. Pellet barbecues integrate all the benefits of charcoal and gas barbecues, without ifs . They are the perfect barbecues! As you are reading it. I follow? follow me!

How pellet barbecues work

Fill the pellet hopper, choose the temperature with a wheel or button and press the button. Yes, Traeger barbecues work like an oven, you do not need to heat the charcoal or prepare the firewood, it does it for you when you turn it on and in 10 minutes you have the barbecue at the temperature that you have indicated to start cooking. use it.

And this is true of all Traeger barbecue models. They are electric barbecues that are started with a switch and that are fed by the pellets placed in the hopper. In addition, its energy consumption is minimal , since it is only necessary to activate the burner and keep the fan running.

How pellet barbecues work

Results always equally tasty

One of the most remarkable aspects of Traeger barbecues is that they ensure consistency in the final result. Each and every time we cook with them we will obtain perfect results. And that is achieved thanks to:

  • The rapid ignition in about 10 minutes.
  • Precise temperature control from 75 °C to 260 °C.
You only have to indicate at what temperature you want to cook. The barbecue will take care of the rest, guaranteeing you at all times to know how many degrees both the food and the interior are. And when you need to change the temperature to adjust cooking, it's as simple as turning the wheel on the control panel or doing it from your mobile.

Traeger Barbecues, the number 1 pellet barbecues

As I was saying, pellet barbecues represent the evolution of charcoal and gas barbecues, with great features, comfort and precision. The origin was born in what are now Traeger barbecues, which today are the number 1 pellet barbecues in the world (and what is perhaps even better fita, today they are already the number 2 barbecues in the world! USA of all types and brands of barbecues, counting charcoal and gas!).

Discovering a Traeger is entering the world of these grills by the creators of the first original pellet barbecue , invented more than 30 years ago. In addition to being the world leader with its pellet barbecues (the best-selling worldwide) and the largest specialist in the market , Traeger has perfected pellet barbecues, bringing together in a single device all the benefits of a barbecue, an oven and of a smoker

Traeger portable pellet barbecue

What a difference to Traeger barbecues

  • They are very robust and complete barbecues: Designed and manufactured to last a long time.
  • They are very easy to use, just like the oven at home : you just have to fill the hopper with the pellets, press a button and in ten minutes you will have it ready to cook.
  • Its fast on . Its electric self-ignition system guarantees that in a few minutes the barbecue has reached the indicated temperature.
  • The consistency of its results and its great final flavor : Thanks to the precise control of the temperature, you will always obtain perfect results. Each and every time. In addition, the 100% natural wood pellet enhances the flavor of food and provides a great flavor of firewood.
  • Its large cooking space : Traeger barbecues have a large cooking area and allow cooking on several levels (except the Ranger model, the portable barbecue).
  • Its barrel shape : Its barrel-shaped design optimizes the circulation of hot air, completely surrounding the food, facilitating homogeneous cooking and reducing time (except the portable model, the Ranger).
  • They are very versatile : In addition to grilling, you can bake, slow cook, braise, sear, smoke and braise, thanks to their precise temperature control and large capacity.
  • The super smoke function : During cooking (between 70 and 105ºC) you can intensify the smoke. With the push of a button or from your mobile. This option is available on Timberline and Ironwood models.
  • Control of the barbecue from your mobile : Thanks to WiFIRE® technology (originally created so that astronauts could cook on the moon), you can connect your barbecue with your smartphone and access from the TRAEGER APP to control the functions from your mobile (except for the portable model, the Ranger barbecue).
  • His community : Traeger gathers people around his barbecues. A community that reaches the whole world, showing the best ways to get the most out of each model, and that has its official day on the calendar.

What you can cook on a Traeger barbecue

A Traeger barbecue lets you cook it all. Its temperature range, from 70-75ºC to 260º C makes it easy for you to prepare any recipe you want. What you can prepare on the stove or in the oven you can do on the Traeger barbecue. You will see:

  • Grilling , of course! Both quickly at high temperatures, sealing meat, vegetables or fruit and giving food that quick seal without the smoke flavor penetrating excessively, and at lower temperatures to achieve very different results.
  • BBQ (with lid down) from a whole rack of ribs (or two!), chicken thighs, or any piece of meat or vegetables. With long cooking from 4 to 24 hours, at temperatures from 110ºC to 135ºC and . controlling the different techniques of the slow cooking process in which the aroma of smoke intervenes.
  • Smoke all kinds of food , with temperatures from 75ºC to 105ºC, to cook to perfection with more smoke and a more intense final aroma. Fish like salmon, meats, and even fondue cheese.
  • bake . Both pizzas, focaccias or empanadas, as well as loaves of bread, pastries (cookies, ensaimadas, madeleines or the Christmas bagel!), cheesecakes or savory or sweet puff pastry such as apple cakes, biscuits. Anything you bake in the oven at home, both on a tray and in a pan, you can bake on a Traeger barbecue.
  • Braise or cook at a low temperature in the casserole, in the tajine or in the cocotte, for example, from a legume recipe, to a chicken stew with sauce, or a beef stew.
  • confit . Yes, it is also possible to confit meats or vegetables. A fantastic option to prepare some foods at a low temperature in oil or in your own fat.

Traeger Barbecues

The great amplitude of its cooking area and the possibility of moving or removing the racks, allows cooking large quantities or whole pieces. In models like the Timberline, for example, it is possible to cook at 3 heights at the same time, or by doing it with 2 racks, you can roast 9 to 12 chickens at a time (depending on the version chosen).

How to choose your ideal Traeger barbecue

One of Traeger's virtues is having managed to design barbecues for all audiences. Depending on what you need or how you like to cook, you have the option of choosing the right model without the risk of making a mistake:

  • RANGER barbecue

Traeger's "Baby", the Ranger BBQ , is a portable BBQ with a compact design, holding up to 1 rack of ribs or 6 burgers. Perfect to take with you everywhere, it is ideal for small spaces, second homes, camping, motorhome or to take it wherever you go.


The Traeger Pro BBQ is perfect for the garden or patio for easy cooking. Medium in size, with double grill and in two versions so you can choose the capacity that suits you best. Simple and suitable for cooking any recipe, it has WiFIRE® technology that allows you to connect your barbecue with your smartphone.

  • IRONWOOD barbecue

With a larger size than the PRO, the IRONWOOD Barbecue offers you a larger cooking surface, perfect for slightly larger families. It has an interior with a double side wall, so you can cook with it with the same results every day of the year, even on the coldest days. Equipped with WiFIRE® technology, you can control the barbecue from your mobile phone and it has the super smoke function.

  • TIMBERLINE barbecue

The Timberline barbecue model is the first Traeger. Very complete, perfect for ideal cooking outdoors, with a large cooking capacity and three grids on three levels. It also offers you a large stainless steel front surface for food preparation and a bamboo cutting board. Its double-walled stainless steel interior guarantees incomparable robustness and perfect insulation from the interior temperature. Ideal for large families or if you cook larger quantities, since it allows you to cook 9 or 12 whole chickens at one time, depending on the version you choose.

Comparative Traeger barbecues

Pellet for Treager barbecues

Considered one more ingredient in cooking food on the barbecue, essential to enhance its flavors and aromas , the Traeger pellet is manufactured in the USA, supervising the entire process from the sawmills to the point of sale.

It has the FSC certification , coming from wood from responsible felling. It is manufactured in a completely natural way, without added fillers, bark or binders, avoiding waste and contributing to cleaning up forests , which helps to minimize the risk of fire spread.

Each wood provides a characteristic aroma and flavor, which enhances those of the food itself. Among its varieties are apple, cherry, walnut or mesquite , which are ideal for pairing with different foods.

Traeger barbecue pellets

The Traeger Community

Treager is much more than a barbecue brand, much more than the greatest barbecue experts. The Traeger community has a day on the calendar when everyone celebrates this way of understanding barbecue (in 2022, it was May 14). Cooking, company, family and moments to share are something fundamental for Traeger, who since his first barbecue has continued to innovate so that we can all enjoy them without anyone missing out on anything.

Because for the Traeger community, barbecue is a way to connect, bond, bring people together, enjoy and share. Showing new ways to make the most of cooking in any of its models, teaching and sharing countless recipes to learn and enjoy cooking and eating in a fun and healthier way. Because there's nothing like the taste of food cooked on the grill!

traeger community

The Traeger Universe

Traeger also has an extensive collection of cooking utensils for comfort, safety and ease on the grill. Robust, of high quality and generous in size , they are made of stainless steel with a wooden handle and have a leather strap at the end so that they can be easily hung from the hooks that are on the side of the barbecues, always keeping them close at hand.

And since there is no barbecue without sauce, I cannot stop recommending Traeger sauces . I had the opportunity to try them in the presentation of their barbecues and I was surprised by their delicious flavor and the possibilities they offer when combined with food cooked with the different pellets, both to glaze meats and to accompany them or give the point to vegetables and fish. . Truly delicious!

Claudia Ferrer

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