Fantastic collection, right? Even if it is only for a second, most of us think that what Le Creuset presents us this time is a new cocotte. And it certainly seems so. Le Creuset, once again, has hit the nail on the head with this new collection of stainless steel utensils.

They say that it is the most colorful collection in the world, because its iridescent shine reflects all the color around it. In addition, thanks to the high quality of its materials, all the pieces will maintain this precious shine for many years. In fact, Le Creuset offers a lifetime guarantee.

The collection is made up of casseroles, pots, pans and pans. From its appearance, it stands out mainly, as you can see, its lid and its handles, whose design is like that of the famous Le Creuset cocottes .

But in its design there are other things to highlight. To begin with, its generously sized handles are also hollow to reduce the effect of heat. In addition, the necessary grip points have been thoroughly studied so that all the utensils are comfortable and easy to handle. The pots also have a vent in the top lid to let steam escape and thus prevent overflows. In addition, inside they have a volume indicator for an exact dosage.

The entire collection is made of high-performance stainless steel, suitable for all heat sources including induction. Its multilayer construction, with an outer and inner layer of titanium-reinforced stainless steel, ensures excellent heat distribution from the bottom to the edge of the utensil and an immediate response to temperature variations for perfect cooking control.

Other advantages of this new collection are that it guarantees resistance to oxidation and discoloration, that it can go in the dishwasher, it is compatible with all types of cookers (including induction), and that all the pieces are resistant up to 260°. c.

The new Le Creuset Inox collection can become your daily ally in the kitchen. All the utensils have an authentic and elegant style... And they will be exclusively available at Claudia&Julia from November! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when the first units arrive.

*** Update: New stainless steel collection available here ! ***

Claudia Ferrer


Claudia&Julia said:

¡Ya están disponibles en la tienda! Podeís ver todos los detalles aquí:

plaquita llongueras said:

M’ha agrade molt aquesta bateria i en general tota el que teniu totes les pecas son molt practiques i al mateix temps boniques

Blanca Nieves Ruiz Idoate said:

Hola, me parecen geniales, me gustaría saber el precio, medidas y si soportan horno. Gracias.

hacinna said:

Quiero estar avisada de cuando este la batería de cocina le creuset muchas gracias

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