Since we are about to enter autumn, I thought it would be nice to talk about some secrets and ideas that help me a lot to create a perfect autumn table.

Autumn is a very colorful and calm season of the year, it is also full of special and beautiful fruits and the cold is also stalking us. So with all this in mind we can make use of some ideas to make a beautiful seasonal table, each in their own way or leaving it to their liking.

I really like to make centerpieces with natural elements, I think they bring a lot of life to the table, especially if it is in autumn, since we can take advantage of all those colorful leaves that are falling, reddish branches to create authentic natural decoration on the table. But a table is not a center, on the contrary: many different elements can be arranged, with or without volume, to make it special. The center may or may not be present.

Preparing a beautiful autumn table is not much of a mystery, but there are different techniques or tips that are worth keeping in mind, ideal for making the whole table in harmony and for each piece to fit perfectly. What do you say? Do you dare to surprise your guests with a most beautiful autumn table? Let's get to it, I leave you the tips and ideas, and that does not mean that you should follow all of them, play with them or try to practice with the ones that you like the most or that attract attention to make the table according to you and your style.

Surprise with rustic blue colors

Le Creuset ceramic mini cocottes

If you use a palette of unexpected or surprising colors on your table, I am sure that you will captivate the attention of your guests immediately. I invite you to use a rustic or washed blue, which you can combine with other more neutral colors but fill the table with that peace and joy that blue always brings us.

For inspiration, look at this autumnal table in the photo. It is presented in different shades of blue, the main one being that of the tablecloth. It is enhanced by other blue tones and by the white, gray or cream tones of the mini cocottes, plates or other elements on the table. Those serve as unifying secondary colors.

A very important factor of an autumn table is to add some natural contrast , such as this centerpiece made with natural red branches.

Use colors that create contrast

Ceramic plates and bowls Le Creuset

Contrast plays an important role to make certain pieces stand out or to generate that joy in the view that you are looking for when presenting the table.

You can find the contrast by playing with the color of the crockery, the pots... or also by arranging natural elements in a color that stands out from the rest. You will see that the table suddenly comes to life, even if it is with a good touch of color in a single point.

Arrange a simple white tablecloth and you have the perfect setting to enhance a garnish of fruit and flowers, or make the tableware or any other element stand out. The color combination of lime with burgundy, orange and white is ideal, as it reflects the classic colors of autumn. But there are other colors, such as grey, that you can combine or cream, which are neutral and combine very well with everything, so you can make any piece of more intense colors stand out in them.

A very important aspect is to bring the attention of the diners to the interior of the table with a central piece.

Stick to a palette of soft neutrals

Le Creuset ceramic mini cocottes

With white, cream, light gray and gold colors you will be able to highlight the naturalness of the table and fill the environment with peace, elegance and calm. To add a touch of color, you can help yourself with some patterned cloth napkins, for example, or let the food be the protagonist with its color and smell.

Other ideas can be to bring white to the center of the table and show small pumpkins as a natural element of decoration, or make a centerpiece with dry autumn foliage with small details in gold.

Decorate the table with seasonal elements

Le Creuset ceramic mini cocottes and ceramic plates

If you want to bring autumn to your table, use pineapples, chestnuts, pumpkins, classic green, red, yellow or orange seasonal leaves... You can play using a wooden trivet too... Everything that is to bring autumn from the forest to the table, it will be to make an autumnal table.

If you use simple colored tableware, you will have a wide range of possibilities, and you will be able to add color to the table with individual tablecloths, cloth napkins and a central jar full of colorful flowers, ending with small pumpkins, pineapples or other scattered fruits. by the table.

Combine modern elements with rustic

Le Creuset plates and bowls and the Le Creuset salt and pepper mill

This fall table combines rustic and modern elements. From different chairs to give a touch to a rustic table with modern plates and cutlery, or add a piece of gold to bring elegance.

Small details make the difference

Ceramic plates and bowls Le Creuset

Something as simple as a string, or putting some seasonal elements on the table, make a difference to our day to day. Some pineapples, a string, a note, an envelope with a chocolate inside, some seeds scattered on the table as decoration... There are countless small details that will decorate the table, and if you use ecru, orange or toasted tones, that detail will smell of autumn.

Use a monochrome palette

Skillet Le Creuset frying pan

Using a monochromatic palette always adds a more modern look and if setting your table is hard for you this is a good way to start - just pick a colour, I personally love orange as it is a very characteristic color of the autumn. Once you've chosen your base color, you can pair it with more neutral colors like ivory or white, to keep the overall look of the table from being overwhelming. Don't you think the color orange is ideal for an autumnal table? Also try to combine it with the color chocolate or with a lime tone and pure white. You will get a very charming combination.

I hope these little tips are useful to you this fall. I'd love if you leave your own comments, whether it's your ideas to add to these or what advice you feel like applying to your table. If you do it and want to share it, you already know that you can do it on Instagram : upload your photos mentioning us so we can see and share your table. I'm dying to see them!

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Claudia Ferrer

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