We have been working with Kitchen Craft products for a long time, and some of you may have noticed that lately we have incorporated more references from this brand. The truth is that I have a special affection for this brand - it gives me a feeling that somehow intoxicates me, inspires me, and I think they have a character, an air, that goes a lot with the Claudia&Julia style.

“The Claudia&Julia style”-now that I've written it, it makes me laugh. But that's the way it is and despite the smile it's very serious for us: we give the store its own character, which is the sum of Jordi's and my thinking, our way of doing things, cooking, the way we want to lead our lives and that of the children We capture all of this when choosing the materials and shapes of the articles, the manufacturing processes of our suppliers, in treating people, in… We care for the store. A store that, despite being “current” due to the fact that it is online, has everything we can offer that is traditional, close, quality and healthy. And a bit of all this can also be found in the Kitchen Craft articles. Well, a little bit of that and other things that I want to explain to you; because I would feel very satisfied if you only take a tenth of the love that I have for their articles.

So here I go, to try to explain the qualities and characteristics that make Kitchen Craft a brand to look at with affection, and that breathes the same air as Claudia&Julia.

Kitchen Craft is a very practical brand: very often the practicality of its articles leaves you with your mouth open, because they leave you wondering how it had not occurred to you before to do something that is applied in such a simple way. A good example of this, so that you understand me, is the cake case : thanks to a silicone seal, the lid is fixed, so that it preserves the freshness of the cake much better, and is ideal for transporting it.

Another characteristic is simplicity. Why mess around with electric grinders or strange mechanisms, when it can be a crank ? Seeing everything they do and how they execute it, they make it clear that Kitchen Craft wants to make things simple – much easier for the consumer to like it, to know how to use the utensils, to clean them…

The fact of keeping things simple, usually makes things very affordable in price - other brands will be much more expensive having devised more complex systems or added extras. Kitchen Craft will remain in the line of doing things for what they are, without large garnishes so that it is not more expensive than it should be.

But despite its adjusted prices, it maintains high quality standards – you can see it in its processes and materials, in which they will ensure that they do not fail so that the piece lasts a long time. To exemplify, in this case you can see the centerpiece for appetizers (made of acacia wood with porcelain containers) or the cheese cutting board (also made of acacia wood and stainless steel wire).

But one thing that I love about Kitchen Craft is that it always presents you with things that make you think that they are unique in some way – things that you want to have, things that you look at and think that you finally found what you saw somewhere special. and you did not know where to look, beautiful things and, why not, also on a whim.

And giving an example of this is easy. I only have to show you the center with the glass bell , or the basket for fruits and vegetables . Will you tell me that they are not a whim, a perfect gift, something that you want to have or something that you would know where to look for? (Let me repeat, now that I look at these things again, I love what Kitchen Craft does!)

And the fact of having very own, or very unique things, is also tied to the fact that it is a company that is always researching the latest trends. For this reason, it is bringing out novelties that find an open market to discover and try. Take, for example, the canning set, which was released before home canning became popular, or the adjustable canning funnel , which continues with the characteristics mentioned before – practical and simple.

And finally something that will not fail to say that it is a family business. And you know that the familiar is us! It was founded a long time ago -in 1850- in the United Kingdom, and has been passed down from father to son ever since. This is how a company with tradition is, and the designs that they apply are also traditional. Surely you will have seen a classic air in the previously taught centers, but you will also clearly see its homey or traditional touch in the molds that are becoming so popular: the cake molds , as well as the quiche or the ceramic tray for the oven .

You will be with me when I say that the design is very successful for the purposes of these articles, they have a traditional touch while not being heavy, I would even say that they have a youthful touch, and make them suitable for many occasions. The same thing happens with the recently incorporated aprons – look what a nice traditional touch they have given them!

What do you say? Between tradition, the search for quality, familiarity, trying to give a good price, practicality... Are you not with me and do you think that Kitchen Craft goes a lot with Claudia&Julia?

Jordi Manero


Liliana said:

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La Cucharina Mágica said:

Esto es para morirse de lo bonito que es todo!!!

Rosario said:

Todo monisimo y practico .
( me pido los delantales)

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