What joy! Yes, yes, we are happy because last week we closed a collaboration agreement with a portal that we follow a lot, and that we are sure you will like too: www.delicooks.com . It is a gastronomic project based on the love of cooking, the affection for things well done and the enjoyment of good food. They are a team made up of professionals who love cooking and enjoy cooking, making exquisite presentations and luxury photos.

If you dare to look at it, you will quickly find all the professionals in the sector who participate in the project, and you will see the different recipes they have prepared. Prepare yourselves, or rather, start preparing the kitchen, because there are many delicious ones and you will want to try them, for sure.

We found out about this project through our friend and collaborator Stéphan Poussardin , who, as you well know, comes to our local We Love Cooking very often to give classes. The fact is that Stéphan is one of those people who is always in 1000 projects at the same time, starting with his own gastronomic workshop " L'ATELIER D' STÉPHANE ", located near Barcelona, ​​where he carries out Chef privé activities for both individuals and to companies. Outside of his workshop, Stéphane also works advising restaurants, creating unique events for companies, offering authentic cooking "masterclasses" where required and obviously creating projects and cookbooks with Delicooks. Well, after a meeting last week with him and Becky Lawton from Delicooks, we have closed a collaboration.

Very soon you will be able to find delicious recipes prepared by Stéphan for Delicooks on our blog. We will share those that we like the most with all of you. But this is only the beginning! We hope that very soon we can talk to you about many more things done together.

Claudia Ferrer


Laura said:

¡Qué bien que podamos disfrutar de sus recetas en el blog! Hace tiempo que sigo delicooks y acabo de entrar para ver las recetas de Stephan y me chiflan!!

Un beso

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