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If you have always wanted to prepare your own sprouts at home, with the Germilife Germinator Jar you will have it very easy. This multi-level ceramic tower germinator will help you get fresh sprouts full of beneficial nutrients to accompany your dishes. Made of natural terracotta, it is ideal for maintaining the humidity of the seeds, promotes oxygenation, regulates temperature naturally and helps absorb excess water . With hardly any care, in just 3 days you will see the results!

Garlic, broccoli, peas, onion, alfalfa... you can get your favorite sprouts with which to round out salads, creams, appetizers or any recipe. The germinator is designed in the shape of a tower and has all the advantages so that you can prepare your sprouts in the easiest way:

  • It has 3 stackable trays for germination, a water collecting base and a lid .
  • The trays have drainage holes , which also promote ventilation.
  • You will be able to reuse the excess water that is deposited in the collecting tray.
  • Includes 10 paper discs to place on the trays in case you want to germinate very small seeds or mucilaginous seeds , such as watercress or mustard.
  • It is made of 100% high-quality ceramic , lead-free , durable and easy to clean. It is sustainable, ecological and without harmful chemicals .
  • Being a porous material, unlike other materials such as plastic, both the seeds and the germinating sprouts remain healthy and ventilated , something essential to achieve healthy sprouts , without mold.
  • Additionally, clay naturally regulates temperature , which is very beneficial for sprouts. A fabulous material to create your own ecosystem at home in the most practical and comfortable way.
  • Its vertical design facilitates natural drainage , avoiding the accumulation of water and excess humidity. In addition, it is practical and beautiful, with a rustic air that looks good in any corner of the house,
  • Unlike glass jars, since it is not transparent you will not have to cover it with a cloth .
  • The sprouts always remain hydrated, but without excess moisture , since the clay absorbs excess water. Likewise, if seeds need moisture, clay provides it.
  • The tower-shaped design makes it easy to germinate different seeds at various heights in the same container , so it will only occupy a single space.
  • The sprout comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for preparing your own sprouts and the Joy & Benefits of Sprouting e-book.
  • Does not include seeds.


  • Germinator in a 4-level vertical tower.
  • Made of lead-free ceramic.
  • Compact design consisting of three germination trays with perforations, a water collecting base and lid.
  • Includes 10 paper discs to use with smaller seeds.
  • Includes instruction manual and e-book Joy & Benefits of Sprouting.
  • Measurements: 13.7 cm diameter x 18 cm height.
  • Its weight is 1.8 kg.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • Does not include seeds .

Why we like the Germilife Germinator Jar

  1. It is the easiest and most convenient way to prepare your own sprouts at home.
  2. Clay is a wonderful material for regulating humidity and temperature.
  3. It is ecological and sustainable, since it allows surplus water to be reused.
  4. In the space of a single tray, you can germinate up to 3 different seeds.
  5. And it's pretty, it looks good wherever you put it.

The history of Verdant Republic

Verdant Republic is a small family business located in the United Kingdom.

It specializes in growing microgreens, microgreen seeds and certified organic sprouted seeds, as well as in the different ways to get them at home, in the most ecological and sustainable way possible.

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